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Third party DRM: Steam

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Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of 2013. Resident Evil favorites Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Jake Muller, to face a new horror, the highly virulent C-virus, as the narrative moves between North America, the war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia and the Chinese city of Lanshiang.

Starting with three distinct, yet interwoven story threads, each with their own pair of protagonists for either solo or co-op play, both offline and online, not only will Resident Evil 6 deliver both different perspectives and gameplay styles but, with the introduction of the innovative Crossover mechanic players will be able to team up and share the horror. At key moments during the game, up to four players can join together online to tackle a specific situation, with some stages seeing the usual partnerships swapped to further increase the depth of gameplay.

Once players have completed the initial three campaigns they will unlock an all new campaign featuring Resident Evil’s very own femme fatale, Ada Wong. A single player experience, Ada’s campaign features unique missions, gameplay and weapons which will provide answers to the unanswered questions from the first three campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Horror on a global scale:

    No longer confined to a specific location, the outbreak of the C-virus is worldwide with the action taking place in North America, Eastern Europe and China The most expansive Resident Evil game to date- Experience the horror through four distinct yet intertwined campaigns:

  • Crossover Gameplay:

    Not only does each story cross paths, but so does the action – At significant points when the narrative draws pairs of characters together, the all new Crossover mechanic allows up to four players to experience the horror together online

  • Solo or co-op play:

    Resident Evil 6 delivers both single and two player co-op gameplay either offline or online (however Ada Wong’s campaign is one player only)

  • New threats on the rise:

    Confront the results of the C-virus in all its varied and deadly forms including zombies, J’avo, Chrysalids, and much more Agent Hunt Mode - In this all new online mode for the Resident Evil series, experience the action from the other side. As a ‘hunter’, join the enemy side to become one of the game’s zombies, J’avo or other C-virus mutations and infiltrate another active game session to eliminate the human characters.

  • Play your way:

    Use skill points to upgrade your character to provide faster reload speed, improved firepower or increase your health bar with the Character Skill system

  • Redesigned control system:

    Resident Evil 6 features an evolved control system allowing players to shoot while moving; slide; roll in any direction and to take cover along with the addition of an enhanced melee attack

  • Mercenaries returns:

    Players will once more be able to enjoy the highly popular Mercenaries Mode

  • Localized voice over:

    Resident Evil 6 will include fully localized voice over in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian as well as subtitles in Japanese, Russian, Polish, Brazilian and Portuguese.

Customer reviews


Hell will raise and chaos will reign...!

Pit_52 | Dec. 8, 2014 | See all Pit_52's reviews »

Just like tittle of a review, current RE storyline in 6th installment is consuming a world, plague spreading through out the continents making the game far more larger then ever. We're not only making our way through raccoon city streets, europen villages or Africa, now it's entire world. Game should be slashed per 4, cause one rate isn't enough, we have here 4 campaigns, each one is completely different... Leon with horror great old style, darkest and greatest camgaigne in the game, you fighting classing zombies and great monsters, a tribute to RE 1-3 mixed with RE4 gamestyle. Chris from the other side is focused mostly on action, it's more like RE5, there are single moments that are horrifying but still, it's based on action as i said, your enemy is mostly not typical zombies but evolution las plagas alike that is controlled and can think in some ways making them harder to kill, then can use some better stuff to increase level of difficulty. At last, Sherry returns as a special agent with even different campaigne then those discribed above. It has great locations, exploring stuff, puzzles, bare hand fight Jake Muller is worth mentioned. I found that gameplay of his very entertaining, it's almost like in batman arkham series but not precised so good, more conventional mechanic but you will want to crush zombies skull with Jake bare hands for sure, trust me, it's magnificent fun. It's hard to say on wich thing this campaigne is mostly focused on, in my opinion it's great balance between action, horror, puzzles, everything... With unique gameplay. Last one is Ada, it's shortest campaigne but very intensive with greatest puzzles and atmosphere making your skin going shiver, most of the plot is linked directly with Ada campaigne explaining what in the world is going on. Each campaigne is made for coop, so you can play with AI or best way with friend, making this game really memorable adventure. In short, largest RE game, outstanding graphics, improved gameplay, 4 different campaignes, each one unique, making it as a whole hard to entertain a player, cause almost everybody like only 1 or barely 2 campaignes so it depends on your own taste how will you finally score RE6 as a one game, I can only show mine scores how I rated each one. 1. Leon with hardcore nostalgia deserve 95/100 2. Chris with improved action from RE5 and greatest coop but lack of something more important like "being Resident Evil game" is 60/100 3. Sherry with very unique fresh styled campaigne mixing well most of the stuff deserve at least 85/100 4. Ada for being herself and hot sharped character with best but short part of storyline is 90/100. One thing I can guarantee, you will love at least 1 campaigne... Like at least one... And dislike or even hate at least 1 depending on your expectations. Anyway, it's worth the price. Enjoy


A fun co-op action game, not exactly scary.

Snotnarok | Nov. 20, 2014 | See all Snotnarok's reviews »

I like this game- hold it! Hold your tomatoes and hate for a moment!

Look I get it, Resident Evil was a fun horror series with a totally different gameplay style and was horror focused and I agree that's how it SHOULD be. However- capcom dun screwed up and this is the result.

On it's own the game is fun co-op, I'm sticking to that for this review as I've only ever played it co-op so just keep that in mind, however I'm going to try to limit comparing this to the other games because frankly these may as well be called: Anti-Terrorism Heroes: EXTREME FORCES

The story is dumb, incredibly dumb over the top garbage with things that make no sense and are outright impossible. I'm all for silly goofy games like Earth Defense Force but this is TRYING to be serious. So I guess there's some kinda charm in that in itself but, seriously they have a helicopter smash into a building, grind against the side of a train..IN SLOW-MO while another character tries to pull a NPC into the back and they crash into the street and live. Though I don't think any Resident Evil game ever really had a good story, it was more about the atmosphere and survival aspect. The lines are well acted for the most part but some things no matter how well acted if the writing is dumb, it's gonna be dumb. In short: do not buy this for the story.

The gameplay is fun and keeps things moving, you have several campaigns to play through with all different characters and even enemies to deal with. Thankfully they even have some new characters so it's not all fanservice....well okay, every campaign has characters from past games but new ones as well. Leon + Helena, Chris + Pierce and Sherry + Jake. So 3 full campaigns with all sorts of different things going on, locals and unique events. There's all different guns and mechanics to how characters attack (with Melees and what not). So there's a lot of effort in the game, as much as the people who hate this want to deny it, they dropped a lot of crap into this game.

It's a fun game to play through, the gameplay is solid and with a friend it's just a load of fun. The game really works well co-op, say what you will you actually have to work together at times and it makes it that much more enjoyable. Also, it's co-op online and split screen, that's REALLY uncommon with PC games so this is welcome.

This is only enhanced by the Mercenaries mode which is far far, FAR better on PC- how? They have a mode for PC only that has something like 5x the enemies in the game, it's insane how hard it can be to play and it's great for it. Mercs mode is a sort of survival/time trial mode, it ends when: every enemy has been killed, time runs out (extendable by melee kills or time icons). Each character is playable and has their own different equipment, so there's a lot to be played here- again extended by the PC version having Left 4 Dead 2 characters in it <=awesome.

Is it a good game? Well gameplay wise yes it's very fun with a friend, the story is dumb as hell but it ...keeps things moving I guess?

Look is it as good as the old R.E. games? They're just not comparable, they're different and yes it's a shame they pulled a left turn with the series like this, especially with RE1 having such an truly incredible remake. But I can't deny this game has been a lot of fun. I know the hate is huge but screw it there's new horror games coming out and we'll get to enjoy those, capcom just ...isn't doing what any of their fans want.

So, in short: Fun 2 player local/online co-op game, lots of time to put into it, variety of enemies, characters and weapons if this all sounds good? Give it a go, it's good.


Trinity of Evil

KingTed | Oct. 9, 2014 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Resident Evil 6 is unusual. In fact it is not one game but three games wrapped together. Each campaign has its own direction, its own mood. Play Leon and you get something close to the franchise's survival-horror roots but more linear (Think about Dead Space). Play Chris and you get an adventure filled with actions, tanks, and big weapons. It's more a BOW Hunting session than a survival test. Finally, play Jake and the game will be set in a more action/adventure setting "à la" Uncharted.

Oh and there is a little fourth campaign too with stealth, puzzles and a bit of exploration.

Resident Evil 6 has the best controls in the serie since RE4. The gameplay is focused on hand-to-hand combat. You have to be precise and spare your ammo for bosses and bigs fights. The rest of the time, you have to use the new QTE system to kill injured foes with ease. Also, you have now the possibility to dogde attack by rolling in any direction. You can even shoot while your on your back.

The stamina system is also well-balanced, forcing the player to choose wisely what to do in battle. All this new mechanics make the Mercenaries mode a blast to play.

The graphics are a little less impressive than in RE5 but this time ennemies can be dismembered (Zombies) or can mutate in real time right in front of you (J'avo). So, I guess it's a win-win trade.

Last but not least, the game is very long and challenging.

Definatly a great Resident Evil.


Liked RE4 and 5? This is the perfect balance (so far)

Ryukrieger | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all Ryukrieger's reviews »

You like the eeriness of RE4? You also like the Co-op and action of RE5? Welcome to RE6, the compromise of both.... and longer! First of all, RE6's horror is still lacking in most parts. But.... I think that's what they were going for. 3 campaigns following 2 characters each with an additional campaign from Ada Wong's perspective. You'll be able to see something very clear: 1. Leon's and Helena's Campaign: Eerie, creepy and darker than other campaigns, very much like RE4. 2. Chris' and Piers' Campaign: Action! Very RE5, but has a darker tone than RE5. 3. Jake's and Sherry's Campaign: A mix of both eeriness of RE4 and action of RE5. 4. Ada's Campaign (Co-op possible but no partner in single play): A solo experience (if you play alone) with more creepiness of RE4 than RE5's action.

It is very clear that the developers thought this through very clearly, they decided something like "You know what? We're going to make 4 campaigns, each has a different feel, most people would like at least one". I liked all 4.

The game feels good, play good and is good. If you expect getting scared, you won't most of the time, but if you expect to have fun, then welcome. Bring a friend, have fun! This game gets an 89 from me because nothing is perfect and it's just a personal recommendation!


Dramatic Horror

bibboorton | Sept. 9, 2014 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

That's all you really need to know about Resident Evil 6.

You play as Leon Kennedy (or Helena Harper), Chris Redfield (or Piers Nivans), or Jake Mueller (or Sherry Birkin). I was initially skeptical of this, but the way the story intersects between the three timelines is really impressive, actually. This is a great way to tell a complete story, which is a great evolution of the Resident Evil formula.

Oh, and Ada Wong shows up. And you know that whenever she's involved, something big is happening.

Leon's campaign feels like Resident Evil 4, which is fitting because Leon is also the protagonist of Resident Evil 4. You encounter the creepy environments if you like that sort of stuff here. Leon (and Helena) basically follow the root cause of the C-Virus outbreak, so this may be the prime campaign in the game. Therefore, I recommend finishing this last.

Chris' campaign is more squad-based, and that's really one of the reasons I didn't like this story very much. This also features the worst boss fight ever. But it does still have the interesting story, and that's what kept me going. Chris and Piers basically just go where they are needed. The least interesting path among all campaigns, truthfully, yet features the most heartbreaking moment in the game

Jake's campaign is damn awesome. Jake is a great character. This campaign features the most relentless boss in recent memory, and that's basically what his story is about. Jake has the antibodies to combat the C-Virus, and you're supposed to keep him safe from all who try to harm him.

And Ada's campaign is a mystery. I'd rather not spoil even a tiny bit of it for you.

Each campaign would take you roughly six hours. And playing through one of the campaigns doesn't necessarily mean you get a complete picture, so I highly recommend finishing all of the campaigns. I also recommend jumping from one character to the next so that you wrap everything up roughly at the same time (except for Ada's story.)

There are absolutely no dull moments, and boss fights are plenty. There is a lot of action and fun to be had here and I absolutely recommend it.