Still Life 2

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Third party DRM: Steam

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“It draws you in, puts you through the wringer and then spits you out” - 91% – JustAdventure

“A well thought out game with lots of action” - 83% – AceGamez

Who is hiding behind Mr. X? Still Life 2 reveals the long-awaited ending of Still Life and spells a new investigation for Agent Victoria McPherson.

In Fall 2008, Victoria is sent to Maine where Ellen Dunnigan's body has just been found. The modus operandi and the video sent to the police and press leave them in no doubt as to the killer's identity: the East Coast Torturer has struck again! No clues are picked up during the autopsy, as the serial killer painstakingly washed the body. Once again, the killer has not committed any errors.

From her motel room, Victoria comes across a report by Paloma Hernandez, the journalist covering all the crimes bearing the East Coast Torturer's signature. Hernandez has been highly critical of the FBI's and Victoria's lack of progress. That does not stop Hernandez from phoning and asking Victoria to meet her later that evening. Hernandez claims to have some so-called clues on the killer in her possession. Victoria flatly refuses. Just moments later, Paloma is kidnapped by the Torturer…

Still Life 2 remains true to the spirit of its first installment, but now allows you to play and manage two characters bound by the same fate. This time, the aim is to control two heroines, see the game from two complementary viewpoints and experience two different gameplays. Depending on whether you are playing Paloma Hernandez, the victim being hunted by the killer or Victoria McPherson, the FBI agent tracking him down, you can alternate between survival and investigation.

Customer reviews


Annoying inventory system and some lines hurt a good game

Legolas_Katarn | Jan. 23, 2016 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

Still Life 2 is an adventure game that released four years after the previous game and answered the question of what happened in the cliffhanger ending of the first through a series of flashbacks before moving on to a new case. Victoria is now after the East Coast Torturer and you will switch between playing as her and a new character, Paloma, who is captured by the killer and and wakes up in his house. Victoria uses more high tech devices to investigate crime scenes while Paloma is doing the more stock adventure game actions of finding, moving, and combining objects to explore the killer's home. The killer is pretty cliche with set ups that could remind you of the Saw films and while the subject matter can be dark and disturbing some of the generic noir style writing can be laughably bad, conflicting with the feel of the game. Even with the game getting you more invested in what is going on with having one of the character captured by the killer, The puzzles themselves are usually better than the first game but I never cared as much as I did with Gus story in the first Still Life, I just don't find the character likeable and the villain set up is to much of a cliche. The inventory system can be really annoying, forcing you to store and leave things that you will need later behind due to your limited inventory space. The game has a good and bad ending based on your completion of a task near the end. Worth playing for fans of adventure games with darker subject matter, and for those that want to see the conclusion of the last game.