The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

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You are Sherlock Holmes and this is YOUR Investigation!

Become the greatest detective of all time in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, a twisting, turning investigation game set in a faithfully-reproduced London of 1898. Suspected in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossing, Sherlock Holmes will undergo a descent into hell in what will doubtlessly become one of his most thrilling cases yet. You will find all the elements of a grand investigation: examine crime scenes, find the clues, follow the trails, interrogate suspects and unveil the mystery behind a great adventure, led by a breath-taking story full of twists!

Key Features:

  • Lead Holmes’ darkest investigation: examine crime scenes, find clues, interrogate suspects

  • Discover Sherlock Holmes’ dark side in a breath-taking story full of twists and turns

  • Uncover new leads and clues as you explore richly detailed places all across London

Customer reviews


Evidently a good game, my dear Watson.

vaderbe | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all vaderbe's reviews »

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, a game I'd never heard of before. The fact that is was 75% off and was recommended by some other users made me buy it. I never would have expected that it would be one of the best games I've played in the past few months.

The story is pretty obviuos and sometimes predictable, and the ending was, in my opinion, a bit ridiculous. the graphics are pretty okay, considering this is not a triple A title. The animations are sometimes a bit dodgy and funny looking, and the lack of lip sync is also pretty funny if you start to notice it. But these are not the points that make or break a game for me. No, for me it's all about gameplay, and boy did this game do that right.

The searching for clues is sometimes really straight forward, but many times you will be really surprised by where you'll have to look or what you'll have to do to find that one little clue or object you desperately need. And when you do find it, you WILL feel satisfied.

The only little downside to this is a little lack of freedom. For example when you already know what needs do be done next, the game forces you to find that one last clue before you can go any further in the story, even of you already know the solution.

The puzzles are awesome and sometimes you really have to think about them (hardest one took me half an hour of scribbling possible solutions on pieces of paper at my desk).

The dialogue is brilliant, and despite the above named lack of lip sync, the facial expressions are rather good. You can really tell how someone feels by looking at them. The witty remarks of Sherlock Holmes are really entertaining and overall the crime solving duo has been really well represented in the game.

Conclusion: I can't wait untill the next game from this company and give it a solid 85/100


Best Sherlock Holmes game yet

aps_6687 | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all aps_6687's reviews »

Delayed, and finally released 3 years after the last game in the franchise - Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper - Frogwares strikes again with a detective story that grips you from the beginning (forgetting a very strange cutscene which only reveals it's relevance near the end) and never lets go. Full of twists and a true mystery, this is arguably one of the best Sherlock Holmes stories ever told - centred around the great detective's psyche.

Set 10 years after the Jack the Ripper game, in 1898, Frogwares has once again presented a world faced with the hardships of the 19th century - issues such as famine are major parts of the plot, not to mention visiting areas such as Whitechapel it is clear to see how bad life was for these people.

Graphics in the game are impressive for a low budget game such as this. It is clear that the team put in a great amount of effort to make the game pretty despite the limitations of their in-house engine. Facial animations are greatly improved from the last game in the series, for example it is clear when Mr. Holmes is evidently lying to move on a conversation.

Voice acting is, as usual, a mixed bag but on the whole the major characters are voiced well and the soundtrack is amazing albeit a little repetitive.

In conclusion, if you like Sherlock Holmes, detective/crime stories or adventure games, and haven't bought this game - buy it!

Oh, and one last thing: Watson. God, he's annoying.


Very good game and fun game

youknowwho77 | June 21, 2013 | See all youknowwho77's reviews »

Like the previous Sherlock games, this one is also orientated around solving murders and different crimes around London. As always the story is very good, full of different and mindblowing plot twists. The gameplay is very enjoyable. You control Sherlock, but later in the game there are parts, that you control Watson, and one other character that you should find out yourself. There are a lot of clues and misteries for you to find, and puzzles to solve. I recommend this great game to everyone who is looking for something fun and challenging to play.


This game is good

Sharptap | Oct. 5, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

It's true it looks like L.A Noire and fans will see why. But this game game is still a good game. The graphics are good and the facial expressions are pretty good. For those who didnt read the books , do not worry , you can play this game without any sherlock holmes experience. The gameplay is like the other game , there is no big change on it , you look for things , solve puzzles and stuff like that. Just like Sherlock Holmes. The "dark side" of SH is a interesting thing , but i dont want to spoil it here.


Well worth its price and Sherlock Holmes franchise in general.

fable2 | Oct. 4, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

20 minutes into this game, I felt sudden urge to write an e-mail to developers, with thanks to making so good-looking and exciting game about my most favourite detective. While previous games felt budget-valued and struggling to fit into modern game market, Testament of Sherlock Holmes comes as a winner. Seriously, this tops every other Sherlock Holmes game made so far, for the first 3 hours, it feels like magic. Visuals look wonderful compared to last installment and have much more artistic direction in it. Although it's not built on last-gen engine, it's still visible that it's pushed to the limits.\r\nSound is wonderful also. If anyone has complaints about voice acting, mostly I didn't notice any, aside few strange characters, who have too little lines to be disturbing anyway. Music suits well and enriches atmosphere as it should.Now... difficulty is strange with this one. The puzzle mini-games are insanely difficult (but option to skip then once you messed up few times is nice), the point'n'click-style puzzles are about average, no problem for veteran adventurer... but a bit hard for beginners. And for general detective work, it varies from simple to strange -- Jack the Ripper case felt much more logical and straightforward, while here it's more of a guesswork.rnrnThe kids-finding-book cutscenes felt a bit cheesy, but they are brief and don't disrupt game story itself in any way.rnrnThe game is quite long, and story takes some strange and unexpected twists, but in the end, you feel like you've watched an awesome 10-15 hour movie.rnrn