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Third party DRM: Steam

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"Overall this game was a unique experience that is not your everyday type of game, but is worth playing and I would suggest this game to almost anyone. It is a game that simply tells a beautiful and tragic story. It sucks you in emotionally and does not let go." -

"Using player choice, award-winning writing, and your own emotions, The Walking Dead: The Game delivers an experience that's flawed but unforgettable." -

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The Walking Dead is a five-part game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer him redemption in a world gone to hell.

A continuing story of adventure horror spanning across 5 episodes:

  • Episode 1 – A New Day (Available Now)

  • Episode 2 – Starved for Help (Available Now)

  • Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead (Available Now)

  • Episode 4 – Around Every Corner (Available Now)

  • Episode 5 – No Time Left (Available Now)

Key Features:

  • Based on Robert Kirkman’s Eisner-Award winning comic book series, The Walking Dead allows gamers to experience the true horror of the zombie apocalypse

  • A tailored game experience – Live with the profound and lasting consequences of the decisions that you make in each episode. Your actions and choices will affect how your story plays out across the entire series.

  • Experience events, meet people and visit locations that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes

  • Meet Glenn before he heads to Atlanta, explore Hershel’s farm before Rick and his group of survivors arrive and before the barn becomes a notorious location in Walking Dead lore

  • You’ll be forced to make decisions that are not only difficult, but that will require you to make an almost immediate choice. There’s no time to ponder when the undead are pounding the door down!

  • Features meaningful decision-making, exploration, problem solving and a constant fight for survival in a world overrun by the undead

  • Artwork inspired by the original comic books

Customer reviews


This, ladies and gentlemen, is awesome.

PlayTyrant | Aug. 28, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

Best game of it's genre I've played, and it's hard to tell. Here's why: The Walking Dead is a mixture of graphical novel with point and click events (though you can play with controller, as I did) and action. Not much action, don't expect you character going on the street killing zombies, that's not what this game is about. This game is about taking decisions, all the time. And that' why I give it so much score: the decisions are tough, you emphazise a lot with the characters and it's really hard to believe how realistic the characters behave. I had a couple of problems with the mouse showing up on screen, but other than that tiny issue, the game works great even in max settings. Visually it's beautiful. The comic style hooks you, where others fail. I highly recommend buying this one, when you start you won't be able to stop until you reach the end (and then you'll start again).


When TellTale Got It's Groove

Farenhiet | Aug. 17, 2015 | See all Farenhiet's reviews »

After attempts to elevate the adventure game genre to a more engaging, emotional ground, TellTale finally hits. Hard. From the moment the game starts in the first episode players will understand how much input they have in the story, and how each action in the game is narratively driven. The relationship and interactions between the player and other characters is very well done. Beyond a character in the first and second episode, the player meets everyone at the same time the main character does. This does a great job at building relationships and even chemistry between the player and the supporting cast, and this is crucial for the narrative to function. It allows the player to be invested in characters and have more complex feelings for others, which all factor in when the game forces you to make a decision involving all the people you've been spending time with. The decisions don't actually have a great, story changing effect. They usually have minor effects and none of them lead to a particularly different experience. This doesn't matter, as the weight and the intensity of the decisions are felt when the player has to make them. This is what makes them so effective. With five episodes full of content and a hearty amount of life-and-death drama between excellent characters, The Walking Dead is one of gamings best narrative experiences that everyone should try at least once.


The best of Telltale.

Furrek | July 23, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

When I think about adventure games I think mostly about mystery and crime themes. Or fantasy. But zombies? Yeah, that's a great idea. Most of you probably know The Walking Dead - there are comics, there are tv series. In my opinion, The Walking Dead game is the best of all of this. You don't need to watch tv series or read a comic to enjoy this game. Hah, it's even better if you don't, but probably 90% of gamers or zombie lovers already did that ;) In my opinion, The Walking Dead from Telltale is what I truly can call an adventure game. A modern one. In past we had lots of great adventure games. But in modern gaming... not really. Buy it, and play it, because it's a truly masterpiece of adventure genre.


Interesting and inmersive

PlayTyrant | July 10, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

This game is a mixture between graphic adventure and a horror game, but its brighter side is the story. It's very inmersive, you'll find yourself internally debating in quick decisions that will determinate your destiny. It's as cool as that. Also, the visuals are very good, the comic-style feels great even if you're not used to it at first. Get it!


A memorable story

bibboorton | July 10, 2015 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

The game that rebooted the Telltale formula. It's an example of how well episodic video games can tell stories if done right. Of course, with all episodes released, you won't get to experience the community that forms around the "wtf happened there" or "what do you think will happen next" conversations, but nevertheless, The Walking Dead Season One offers a great story with the perfect payoff. It's basically a point-and-click with a much better pace, so don't expect much action, but it's a great game to spend your weekend on. It's like watching a movie, but better.