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Third party DRM: Steam

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A New Wizardry for a New Generation

The universe is in the throes of violent upheaval and change. Vast and mysterious forces are preparing for the final confrontation. A small group of heroes from distant lands must plunge into the heart of the maelstrom, to uncover long-forgotten secrets, and bring about a new era. Should they succeed, they will gain the powers of the gods themselves. If they fail, countless worlds will fall into the grip of darkness.

Wizardry 8 raises the standard for fantasy role-playing with a vengeance. Prepare yourself for a new level of excitement, immersiveness and depth that made role-playing games one of the best-selling, best-loved genres of all time.

Prepare to experience the culmination of a prestigious RPG series. Enter a vast world of intrigue and wonder. Unravel a gripping, non-linear storyline. Battle your way to victory using your swords, your magic, and your wits. Compete with rivals or align with allies as you struggle to ascend to the Cosmic Circle. Take the battle to the dreaded Dark Savant in Wizardry 8, the phenomenal conclusion to the Dark Savant trilogy, one of the most extensive and challenging stories ever told in classic role-playing games!

This is the legacy of Wizardry 8!

Key Features:

  • Explore a vast 3D world filled with action, magic and adventure. Wander through dark dungeons, lush landscapes, scorching volcanoes and even beneath the sea.

  • Create your own custom party of adventurers. Make a gnome gadgeteer, a lizardman fighter, a rawulf lord or even a faerie ninja. the possibilities are endless!

  • Choose a custom personality for each character and hear them speak over 100 lines of dialogue; Kindly or Chaotic, burly or surly-how your characters act is up to you.

  • Talk to dozens of intelligent characters. How you treat them determines whether they become powerful allies or deadly enemies.

  • Battle over 300 types of monsters in some of the most intense combat ever seen in an RPG. - - The unique auto-targeting system makes combat easy to learn, while the huge number of strategies adds unprecedented depth.

  • Advanced creature A.I. brings a new level of realism to RPGs. You don't just hunt the monsters-the roaming monsters hunt you.

  • Cast over 100 spells using a unique power-level system that guarantees that no spell ever becomes obsolete.

Customer reviews


Old, But Still Great

Zirun | June 4, 2015 | See all Zirun's reviews »

Wizardry 8 is a game that bridges the gap between old-school RPG and modern RPG: It has the difficulty and mechanics of 90s RPGs (such as the previous entries in the Wizardry series), but has the resolution and functionality to make playing the game possible without needing to reference the manual twice a minute. If you're used to 90s PC RPGs like Might & Magic, Realms of Arkania, or previous Wizardry games, you'll feel right at home. If, like me, you haven't played any RPGs from that era, Wizardry 8 will be a fairly big departure -- It'll feel slow and clunky at times, and you may have to consult some documentation here and there -- but you won't have to devote what seems like an eternity just to learn how the game works before you can even begin playing. The two things that Wizardry 8 does very well and that hold up to this day are its character customization and its combat. Creating a character has you pick a race, each with their own distinct abilities and stats, and a class, again, each distinct from the rest. In a way similar to Dungeons & Dragons, you have classes that are a combination of two (Lords, for example, are Warrior-types that can cast some spells at higher levels) as well as the ability to change from one class to another. You then take up to 6 of these custom characters (plus up to 2 NPC allies) into battle in a turn-based fashion, with a few twists. Characters are given a position in your group: Front, left, right, back, or middle. When you encounter enemies out in the world, they can attack you from any side (so long as that side isn't protected by terrain), meaning you need to plan your set-up carefully; if you put your squishy mages in the back, they can be attacked by any melee enemies that sneak up behind your party. Characters in the middle are generally safest, being impossible to hit with short-range weapons, but only as long as allies stand the the circle around them; if all allies between them and the monsters are incapacitated, enemies can then freely attack those in the middle. Because of this, you need to take some time to plan out battles, surveying the world for a tight doorway or wall you can use to your advantage to limit the opponents' attack options. The main drawback of the battles is that they can take an inordinate amount of time; a dozen or more enemies running around plus up to 8 player characters means each turn can take quite a while to play out. By today's standards, the improvements brought by Wizardry 8 compared to previous PC RPGs aren't anything special. The ability to right-click on things to learn more about them, in-game descriptions for items and spells, lists of key words and phrases you can use you learn more information (instead of having to remember or write down key words to recite to NPCs), being able to see and move around the world in three dimensions... Those things were huge leaps over Wizardry 7, but are commonplace in modern gaming. Wizardry 8 also eased up on the soul-crushing difficulty that was commonplace in the genre, making battles less reliant on randomness due to characters dying in just one or two hits... You'll still want to save after every battle, though, because it's still not an easy game! If you've never played a 90s-era PC RPG and want to, this is the best experience you'll find without needing to dedicate an extreme amount of time to learning how the game works and figuring out what to do.