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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


10,000,000 is an award winning hybrid RPG/Action/Puzzle game. Matching tiles controls your character enabling you to explore, fight and loot.

When you are not facing monsters you will be back in your prison, constructing buildings and getting stronger for your next run.

Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?

Key Features:

  • Run the Dungeon

    Kill monsters and find loot

    Improve your gear and train skills

    Find resources to improve your castle

  • Test your skill

    More than 80 objectives to complete

    Over 20 different monster types to fight

    Find items and use them effectively

    Fast paced action gameplay

  • Classic Gaming

    Retro graphics

    Old school music

Customer reviews


A solid, interesting title

Nezumichan | Oct. 9, 2014 | See all Nezumichan's reviews »

It combines solid and somewhat unusual match-3 gameplay (you can drag as far as you want, but only in one direction) with dungeon-crawling thematics and the ability to upgrade your base, allowing you to improve your equipment and buy bonuses that may help your chances or make certain tasks easier.

It's not the deepest game, but very satisfying for the asking price.


Can't complain

Arteus | Feb. 9, 2014 | See all Arteus's reviews »

As a lover of "match 3" styled games I have no issues at all with this game. It takes a classic formula and mixes it up by making every action correlate to your character's performance in the dungeon. The controls are simple, the upgrades are fun to obtain and the combat, despite being controlled by matching tiles, feels like it has impact. The sound effects are well done, the music is catchy (reminds me of VVVVVV) and in the end it's just a simple game that offers a good amount of challenge in the later stages.

My only real complaint would really be that you can quite easily end up in a tough battle with no combat-related tiles readily available to you but hey, that's just the luck of the draw.


Addictively entertaining

smajor92 | Jan. 15, 2014 | See all smajor92's reviews »

This is a very fun puzzle RPG cross game that offers decent entertainment for good value. It is very addictive to begin with but as you get towards the end it does start to lose its charm quite a bit but for the price I would say its just worth it.


Unexpected Addiction

jcyuen7 | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all jcyuen7's reviews »

I bought this game on sale and I didn't really have any expectations for it. A few hours later, I was glad I stumbled across this puzzle/RPG cross. With the world currently engrossed in Candy Crush and the like, 10,000,000 does well to offer a new take on the genre with upgrades and different goals for the player to achieve. It is a great game to play in short spurts as well. A hidden gem.


Great twist on the match-em-up format

cydoniac | Nov. 27, 2013 | See all cydoniac's reviews »

10,000,000 is a game that takes the classic formula of games like Bejeweled and gives it a much-needed refresh, RPG style. You are trapped in a castle and the only way out is to score 10,000,000 points, a number that seems impossible at first but slowly as you build up ranks and power up your tools, becomes a feasible challenge.

The gameplay consists of your character on the top of the screen progressing through a dungeon, while you solve tiles at the bottom of the screen. By matching up different objects, such as swords, wands, and shields, you give your character the power to attack, defend, and also be able to open up chests along the way. You must be quick as the dungeon scrolls along regardless of whether you're moving or not, and if you don't keep ahead you lose out. Matching up chains or 4/5 tiles at a time gives you an edge, and items you get from chest tiles also help you along the way.

Even if you aren't normally inclined towards standard matching games, this game provides enough of a fresh take on the genre that it is quite enjoyable, and the format of the game always brings you back to try hit that elusive 10,000,000 score, and break your way out. The controls are purely mouse based, so make sure you're using a decent mouse or a trackpad as when the gameplay gets faster, it can become frustrating if you don't have a degree of accuracy. Most of the time I didn't have any problems, also occasionally a row or column wouldn't drag on first click, due to the speed I was doing it at. This doesn't prove to be too much of a problem overall. Once you hit the 4-6 hour mark and eventually complete the game, there is little to keep you playing bar the competitive scoring side of things, so a little more replay value would have been appreciated, although the developer is apparently building on more to the game in the near future.

Overall, this game is definitely worth checking out. It isn't a massively long game and after about 5 hours you will probably be hitting the 10m mark, but getting there is lots of fun, and the upgrades are enough to encourage you to persevere without getting bored. Go get it!