Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


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"It’s Team Fortress with a spade, Call of Duty with a trowel, Battlefield with a powerdrill." -

"There’s just no equivalent of it in any other FPS game we’ve ever played" -

"The natural successor to the title of King of Lunchbreak LAN" -

Say hello to the creative shooter. Ace of Spades: Battle Builder is the first-person shooter that lets you create your battleground, destroy it, then create it again. Up to 32 players choose from seven unique classes and jump into team-based, multiplayer mayhem across an endlessly evolving battlefield, to construct, destruct and take out the opposition.

Key Features:


    Complete strategic and creative freedom is at your disposal to annihilate the enemy however you like.


    Ace of Spades: Battle Builder includes a map creator mode, which allows you to collaborate with up to 23 friends and make your very own Ace of Spades battleground! Custom tools and over 400 prefabricated structures will help you build the ultimate multiplayer maps, which you can upload and share via Steam Workshop.


    Play the way YOU want to play! Host your own match or create your own mode using the wide selection of settings available to you. From fine tuning your favourite mode & classes, to turning TDM into a Spade-only grudge match with predefined teams, as a lobby host you can:

  • Set your lobby to invite only, friends, or open, and also have full control over who joins with the host ‘kick’ function

  • Sort players into specific teams – great for clan matches, or for playing on the same team as your friends

  • Choose the map you want to play, official or player made

  • Set the size of the match, and it’s duration

  • Set up vanilla game modes or tweak them to suit by using an extensive set of customisable game rules

Tons Of Insane Game Modes:

  • Team Deathmatch - The Grandaddy of them all. Kill the enemy; try not to die doing it.

  • Zombie Mode - Survive the onslaught of the living dead. Failing that, join them.

  • Classic CTF – Back to basics, one class, one loadout, the classic rifle. You know what to do.

  • Capture the Flag – No FPS is complete without CTF. Protect your flag, take the enemies’.

  • Demolition - Demolish the enemy’s base before your own is decimated.

  • Diamond Mine - Dig up precious diamonds & defend the diamond carrier as they attempt to cash in their discovery at your team’s base for points.

  • Occupation - A game mode that pits offence against defence. The defensive team must protect their teams based in the green occupied area of the map while the attacking Blue team try to destroy the enemy position by successfully detonating bombs.

  • VIP – Play in 1930’s era Chicago or LA’s Alcatraz and protect your mob boss from the opposing Mafioso.

  • Territory Control - Claim key tactical areas of the map for your team, gain a majority territory control of the map to win, or even better go for glory and take over the entire map!

Customer reviews


Well, could be better.

eekar1 | Jan. 6, 2015 | See all eekar1's reviews »

The game is good, and I liked playing the BETA . You can have fun for hours and hours , Build , Create strategies , Play with friends and etc. But not everything is wonderful, the game sickens and many of the players are trolls or griffers . Everything has changed since the official launch and then I just played to get the collectibles cards and play with a friend of mine , because I had lost the grace to me and the changes have left me happy. The availability of possibilities for constructions and kills is what makes the game coolest , build barriers , do a lot of things I have ever seen on servers and destroy blocks ( I recommend not destroying buildings, only if you're a brainless boring) . The graphics you already know , is the minecraft fever, blocks here and there. The most interesting are the maps, some are incredibly giants and has amazing landscapes. THe game is cheap (good part) The gamplay is interesting, since it includes several types of games. Yes I recommend this game , since you can have fun.


Broken TF2 Clone

cameronb | Dec. 26, 2014 | See all cameronb's reviews »

How can a game take an amazing premise (Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft) and screw up so badly? They make Ace of Spades, a game-breakingly buggy, half-baked multiplayer shooter that's terrible. Half of the time the game is unplayably buggy. When I can play it, the classes are samey, the gunplay is poor, and the servers are either empty or full of jerks. This game really had potential but they just gave up before it got near the level of polish or mechanics that it needs. I wouldn't recommend this when TF2 is infinitely better, and it's free.


Great game.

cubecka | Dec. 8, 2014 | See all cubecka's reviews »

Really good game I played it only a few hours, but I can say that it has bavi.Graphics me (not just me) reminds minecraft. But in my opinion it is definitely a hundred times better game ... Minecraft is a game about nothing only build, eat and sleep... although there are not a lot of features but there are more characters, different weapons, two teams and much more. Maps seen from a least a little made a point which is nice but weapons first view is horrible but really funny... Surely i play again, because it's a pretty good game for those who like shoot and cubes ;D. i reccomended !

we rate 9/10


A fun and original game

Visicko | Nov. 5, 2014 | See all Visicko's reviews »

This game is very fun to play, the concept of a multiplayer fps set on a fully destructable voxel map is just great, and it is well integrated in the gameplay [you build defenses that then can be destroyed by the enemy, you can dig underground tunnels...]. You can bring down entire buildings. That's so cool! The variety of maps, game modes and classes is enough to keep the game from getting boring too soon and it's a nice game to come back to every once in a while. Nice chunky voxel graphics, controls are fine and I totally love the chiptune-ish soundtrack! Absolutely worth buying.


Best 2d game.

hateah | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

That's one of the best 2d games ever made. It's better than the very good known Minecraft. It's like massacre. You can use weapons to kill your enemies, you can craft them, you can jump,there are even boss which you can team up with few buddys and try to kill him. The gameplay is amazing the graphics for a 2d game are very good too. You can even use a sniper as a riffle and bazooka to destroy your enemies houses. There are different maps between you can choose. That's amazing 2d game! Oh yea and let's not forget you can also build a house!