Awesomenauts - Tropical Thunder Bundle

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires Awesomenauts (base game) to use these DLCs.


Get the "Tropical Thunder" Skin Pack to unlock the Coco Hawaii, Expendable Clunk, and Officer Lonestar skins for use in Awesomenauts! This bundle will unlock the characters to which the skins apply if you have not yet unlocked them yourself.

Customer reviews


Great Skins!

DukePaul | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all DukePaul's reviews ยป

If you want epic skins for Clunk and Lonestar and a sexy outfit for Coco, this is your bundle, the Officer outfit for our space cowboy is awesome and the character looks way better with it, same for Clunk if you want to look more bad ass.

If you like these characters this is your bundle.