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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"A charming hack-and-slash RPG, with an excellent soundtrack, great colouring, and a superb narration gimmick." - PCGamer UK

"This game is amazing and you owe it to yourself to download it." -

Bastion is an action role-playing experience that redefines storytelling in games, with a reactive narrator who marks your every move. Explore more than 40 lush hand-painted environments as you discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces. Wield a huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons and battle savage beasts adapted to their new habitat. Finish the main story to unlock the New Game Plus mode and continue your journey!

Key Features:

  • Stunning hand-painted artwork in full 1080p resolution

  • Critically-acclaimed original music score

  • Hours of reactive narration delivers a deep story

  • Action-packed combat rewards playing with finesse

  • Controls custom-tailored to PC plus gamepad support

  • 10+ unique upgradeable weapons to be used

  • 6 powerful Bastion structures to be discovered

  • 'New Game Plus' mode unlocked after finishing the story

Customer reviews


The badass kid.Bastion. Amazing indie game with amazing narrator

hateah | July 22, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

Ah.. Memories i remember how i finished the game and i almost cried at the end,it has such a beautiful art and narrator. As for the gameplay, you can unlock new grounds which gives u points and with those points your upgrade ur own town buildings. You can also unlock new weapons which are harder to unlock of course, but makes your life easier. You also have 3 lives and when you die you continue from the same spot. There is something like mini-boss at every ground you unlock. The last level is just amazing and the gameplay is pretty good for such a old indie game. It has a lot of choices u can make including of improving your buildings, which bonuses to unlock and etc. After the end you will want to play it again and again, the narrator which talks to you all the game just fits amazing. Chinese art as you know well is one of the best arts which is also used in Bastion, also being called during the game "The kid".I couldn't stop playing it until i finished the game, it's addicting once u get into the game. It has many different weapons which you can upgrade in ur ground or buy or unlock. Each weapon has 4(fourth) updates, which you can see in your ground's store. Calamity Cannon It is a ranged weapon whose blasts can cause area damage. Calamity Cannon is too unwieldy to lock onto targets. Galleon Mortar The Galleon Mortar acts like a Bombardment weapon which drops explosive bombs and wide area of effect. The range of the weapon is also variable. Fire Bellows This weapon resembles a flame thrower which spews a continuous stream of fire causing damage to anything that is in range. Army Carbine The Army Carbine is a high-power ranged weapon that can deliver some serious damage with variable accuracy but has a heavy recoil. Brusher’s Pike It is a thrusting melee weapon that has powerful medium range and can also be thrown. Duelling Pistols They are duel ranged weapons whose fire rate depends upon the user’s own speed. Scrap Musket It’s a ranged weapon with a wide angle. The knock-back effect will compensate for limited range. War Machete It’s fast for melee attacks. Throwing attack should compensate for its short melee range. Breaker’s Bow It’s a ranged weapon which is versatile in providing powerful attack and the attack is increased when the bowstring is drawn. Fang Repeater It is a rapid fire weapon that reloads automatically but you can’t move while firing. Cael Hammer It is a well-balanced weapon that can be used for melee attacks; stationery attacks are more powerful. You can upgrade the weapon in five stages.


Amazing, Beautiful, just a Must Have

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

I enjoyed Bastion a lot. The narrative story can give you the chills and excitement of searching for each shard in each unique zone. The art style is beautiful too. You won't be able to take your eyes off each animation because of how interactive each artwork is. The combat style is fun too and challenging. Your loadout is a bit limited to 3 specific weapons at a time but each weapon is customizable using mods and combinations. The game also lets you customize your difficulty to your liking using the idol system. New Game + is a nice challenge too if you're up to it. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good and decent length game to enjoy.


A complete indie game

matheusnovais | July 14, 2014 | See all matheusnovais's reviews »

Bastion is a great game which sees in each aspect. First of all, the soundtrack is amazing, with beautiful songs. The gameplay and controls are alright. The difficult can be adjusted through the tokens, that increase enemy's stats and give more xp and money as reward. But the narrator, ah, that voice is incredible. It act your moves and give thrill to the game. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, that voice is present every single time motivating your gameplay. Bastion is an all-around game and a must-play.


Must own it!

Nova4 | June 30, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

Do you ever had heard about the legend of the Kid and how he survived the Big Disaster and singlehandle it rebuilted the Bastion? ...Same on you! This is one of the best stories ever seen in a video game! and ​​for only 15 dollars! That is a steal! (Less if you buy during a sale)

The gameplay of Bastion is some kind of asymmetric RPG, with some touches of asymmetric shooter, but the game is hard to start, it's just practice and be the God of the game, the good thing is you can adjust the difficulty of the game anytime and recompenzan you for this.

The art style of this game soooo is beautiful, this game is just surreal and I love it for that.

It's story and narration is what really impressed me, many AAA games could learn a lot about how to present and narrate a story's... and the plot twist... oh man! Is so inespected! Seriously, it is very good.

I give Bastion a 9/10, the only bad thing I found you is that is very short and sometimes kill you without giving you a chance to react, but it is not the rule of the game, this is a unique experience in the world of video games and recommended that you do not miss it.


Great Indie Title

TCass29 | June 24, 2014 | See all TCass29's reviews »

Bastion by Supergiant games is absolutely amazing. The narrator is incredible, it has lore and story that'll stick with you, and it gives you a lot of freedom as far as how you want to play the game. New Game + as well as "idols" you can invoke ramp up the difficulty for your second time through...and you'll want to play a second time through.

Great soundtrack Great gameplay Great narration Great game