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Third party DRM: Steam

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"A charming hack-and-slash RPG, with an excellent soundtrack, great colouring, and a superb narration gimmick." - PCGamer UK

"This game is amazing and you owe it to yourself to download it." -

Bastion is an action role-playing experience that redefines storytelling in games, with a reactive narrator who marks your every move. Explore more than 40 lush hand-painted environments as you discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces. Wield a huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons and battle savage beasts adapted to their new habitat. Finish the main story to unlock the New Game Plus mode and continue your journey!

Key Features:

  • Stunning hand-painted artwork in full 1080p resolution

  • Critically-acclaimed original music score

  • Hours of reactive narration delivers a deep story

  • Action-packed combat rewards playing with finesse

  • Controls custom-tailored to PC plus gamepad support

  • 10+ unique upgradeable weapons to be used

  • 6 powerful Bastion structures to be discovered

  • 'New Game Plus' mode unlocked after finishing the story

Customer reviews


Beautiful, gorgeous, but awful storytelling.

Funtaine | April 15, 2014 | See all Funtaine's reviews »

This game is amazing, it's art. It's beautiful to the eye and to the ear. It's graphics are charming and the soundtrack enchanting.

However, I felt the way of the story being told, with our main character having little to no personality, was quite boring. The characters weren't given their own voices, but rather narrated by a single old man narrator. It could work but somehow him telling us every single piece of information grows trivial and annoying, making many of the characters seem one sided and boring.

I can't give it above 60 because of the storytelling. It is a beautiful game with fun gameplay but the storytelling is simply dreadful.


A beautiful game

damodarko | April 9, 2014 | See all damodarko's reviews »

Bastion is one of those rare games that comes along quietly and knocks you off your feet.

It's simplistic play style makes it easy to flick on for a fun smash and bash, but the level design, the narration and that soundtrack? Every time I sit down to play this game I am absorbed into it's beauty.

This is a game that plays well and invokes all the right emotions. A small tale that pulls you in and immerses you in a deep story while the vibrant designs and quirky game play keeps it nice an light.

A special mention has to go to the original soundtrack to this game. I rarely buy music separate to the game, but I have bought this game and soundtrack multiple times just to spread it among my friends.

This game is for everyone and should be played by everyone.


Wonderful game, fantastic soundtrack, touching story

radenthefridge | March 27, 2014 | See all radenthefridge's reviews »

I absolutely loved this game. The gameplay was solid, the narration (despite me not being a fan of the guy's actual voice) was excellent, and the soundtrack was stuck in my head for months.

The story did turn out to be much darker and sadder than I expected, but it also stuck with me for a long time.


A wonderful story-driven experience

pickelsurprise | March 21, 2014 | See all pickelsurprise's reviews »

I love a game with a good story. Bastion may not have multiplayer or too many extras to tackle, but for a gamer like me, this little game has it all. Solid gameplay, great visuals, and some downright beautiful reactive narration. While the story of the game doesn't necessarily change based on your actions, the narrator's dialog will actually respond to what you do and what happens to you. While this does little to advance the plot, it makes the game feel so much more immersive.

On the whole, Bastion is a great ride from start to finish. New Game Plus mode adds to the fun, letting you play through the whole game with your favorite weapons and skills without the need to unlock them. Some may say this makes it too easy, but for someone like me, it lets me experience the story again without having to worry too much about the difficulty.

If you're looking for a smooth, stylistic action game with some light RPG elements, and above all, great storytelling, this is definitely a buy.


Bastion ------> Buy it or Not?

koticpaxx | March 6, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »

To jump right in, Bastion is a work of art. A unique style on taking on a game, Supergiant Games has truly created a brilliant master piece. In the world of Bastion, you play a character simply known as The Kid. As him, you fight to discover and retrieve the lost world which has been destroyed by ancient invaders. So let's start with the presentation. The graphics are amazing, and though it's not in a realistic point of view, it has an astounding artwork. The voice over, only presented by the Narrator, is top-notch. He narrates simple little moves you make as The Kid, which adds the element of profound storytelling. The actual voice of the Narrator is soothing, in a mixture of a Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson kind of way, which is quite awesome. The gameplay is great, with the view of the camera in a unique spot. This can sometimes get annoying, as it allows you to misjudge narrow paths where you can end up falling to your death. The game is kind of a hack and slash, with different levels and enemies to make each one unique. All in all, Bastion is a hands down BUY. It is a must have with it's unique style of story telling, and its great gameplay.