Bonanza Bros

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Mobo and Robo Bonanza are enjoying their favourite television show when the picture crackles and a shadowy figure of a mysterious stranger appears on screen. This figure asks them to collect certain items that he has placed inside various buildings to test his security force. If they return the items successfully, Mobo and Robo will be rewarded. The two of them state that they will get the job done in just three minutes. However, little do they know that each building is packed with security guards who will raise the alarm if they are caught red-handed. Fortunately both Mobo and Robo are equipped with bullets that can knock the guards unconscious for a few seconds. An $100 reward will be given out if Mobo and Robo are apprehended.

As either Mobo or Robo, you must collect all the treasures before leaving the ten buildings and shoot any security guards that get in your way. Remember that you are under a time limit. An in-game map will help you locate the treasures. There is a bonus stage after three buildings, where the object is to collect the gold bars in a limited amount of time without one of the three spotlights shining on you. If it is possible, hide behind open doors. If you manage to get all the gold bars, 10,000 points is added to your score. There are three of these bonus stages, but each of them varies.

Customer reviews


Hire Thieves To Test Your Security Against Thieves

CrimsonWizard | Feb. 6, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Bonanza Bros. is SEGA's classic take on a stealth game, focusing on a pair of brothers sent to retrieve the items for a mysterious figure in shadows, and apparently testing his security force in the process. Outside of the snippet of story, the basic setup is you're playing a game about heists and robberies.

However, it's clear SEGA wanted to make it a lighthearted take on the subject matter, giving it a cartoon feel in both the graphics and music. While they haven't aged all that well, they at least still convey that wacky and innocent style. This tone extends to the actual gameplay itself with bullets only knocking out both you and the security officers, and with long falls and machinery only squishing you like an accordion.

However, it's also very simple and the game isn't really built around you being able to be stealthy all the time. While early levels feature easily knocked out guards and doors to hide inside, it won't be long until you have to deal with robots that can't be knocked out and harder enemy patterns to avoid.

The game also features a 2 player mode where you can compete for points and stealing the most loot, while avoiding the guards. While it doesn't add much to the overall game, it is still a good time with a friend, especially since the simple controls make it easy for anyone to jump in, even absolute beginners to video games.

Bonanza Bros. is another one of Sega's early games for the Mega Drive (Genesis), but unlike Altered Beast and Super Thunder Blade, Bonanza Bros. had an interesting and fun idea going for it that honestly hasn't been done much in 2D. Though it hasn't aged very well, it's still a decent title, and fun with another player. The foundation is also pretty solid with the some of the stealth concepts homaged in last year's acclaimed Mark of the Ninja. So for three dollars, you're getting a decent experience, and I recommend this title if you're looking for a bit of mindless fun.


A 16bit era stealth game

Aladar | June 28, 2011 | See all Aladar's reviews »

Well, color me surprised! A 16-bit stealth game! That alone is probably enough to say about this game, since.. well, it isn't about much. You're playing as one of the two thieves, going along various estates/companies, stealing objects specified at the start of the game. There is the usual assortment of various enemies, and you have to make sure you will either not be seen, or can incapacite (well, in this game just knock out) your enemies. The game mostly feels like a classic platformer, except for the option to hide behind walls and doors to avoid being seen. The real annoyance of this game is a constant split-screen that is there even if you play alone, otherwise, it's an interesting concept and solid game.


A completely original game

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | See all wahidasoldier's reviews »

This game is awesome. I spent tons of hours playing this when I was a kid, either alone or with my brother. The idea of playing with thieves was very challenging and the scenarios brought lots of fun.

The controls are very simple: you walk, jump and shoot. The graphics are unique. You won't find another game that even looks like this one. Same for the music and FX. It has also a lot of interaction with the stages' elements.

Although it was made for stealing stuff from a lot of places, the game looks very innocent and funny. It's not the "bad looking GTA violence" at all. The enemies are very smart and sometimes hard to deal with, which brings a lot of challenge to the game. Playing the 2-player cooperative mode brings the fun to another level. It is amazing.

Running from cops will find its most brilliant gameplay in this experience, you can bet.