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Third party DRM: Steam

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"Like its competition, Chivalry hasn't quite perfected the formula for medieval warfare, but it's a violent, fun time nonetheless." -

"This is not a pompous blockbuster, nor a long-term proposition. This is about men hitting each other with swords, and the hitting part works great. Chivalry is a simple pleasure, and a funny game indeed." -

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CHIVALRY: Medieval Warfare is a first-person slasher with a focus on multi-player. Featuring competitive online combat that seeks to capture the experience of truly being on a medieval battlefield. We've drawn our inspiration from the intensity and epicness of swordfighting movies such as 300, Gladiator and Braveheart and we want to bring that experience to the hands of a gamer.

The game is skill-based and controls like a FPS, but instead of guns and grenades, players are given swords, shields, maces, battleaxes and longbows. Set in a fictional yet gritty and realistic world, players will fight in fast paced online battles besieging castles, raiding medieval villages and fighting for glory in the arena with up to 32 players.

Key Features:

  • Deep melee combat system provides players with a huge range of responsive combat options

  • Adjust your attacks and blocks in real time with the mouse for precise and full control of the action

  • Wield an arsenal of up to 60 brutal weapons ranging from broad swords and battle axes to longbows and javelins

  • Dynamic objective system brings team tactics and strategy to the forefront as players batter down gates, raid villages and assassinate enemy royalty to achieve victory.

  • Use a variety of siege weapons ranging from catapults, boiling oil, ballista, battering rams and more

  • Vast, lush environments that transport the player to a gritty and immersive medieval world.

  • Offline play options that allow players to gain familiarity with the controls and gameplay before being thrust into the action.

Customer reviews


Great online multiplayer action!

HappyCloud9 | March 28, 2014 | See all HappyCloud9's reviews »

Although the game is still in the beta stages, it is an excellent multiplayer experience. The combat varies depending on what class you pick (Man-At-Arms, Vanguard, Knight, or Archer) all of which feature their own arsenal of primary, secondary, and tertiary weapons. The game is a First Person (Third person is available by pressing "P") online Player vs. Player type game. The combat is similar to The Elder Scrolls series except with more than just hacks and slashes. I recommend this game to anyone willing to have a great online experience.

(P.S: Try the "Black Knight Mode" mod, it adds a hilarious new mode on certain servers in which players can lose their limbs but continue fighting.)


Interesting and Unique Combat

Fazbott | March 27, 2014 | See all Fazbott's reviews »

This is definitely a great game to get into with some friends. The combat is really interesting and quite different from most first-person games. Imagine Skyrim if the combat wasn't so clunky, then turn it into PVP action. That's kinda what you're getting into here. Stabbing, slashing, slice, and piercing are all in the great fun of this wondrous medieval warfare-alicous game.


Good at what it is

UltraJake | March 8, 2014 | See all UltraJake's reviews »

The combat is a lot like what you would find in Mount & Blade: Warband. My only complaint, and it's a sizeable one, is that the fights are real meat grinders. It's multiplayer only so this is the reality of the game. This made it get old a bit fast. Simply rush in, swing your sword a bunch, kill and get killed, then repeat. There isn't a real downside to doing this, either because everyone sucks or because of the combat itself. I don't think this particular strategy works quite as well in Warband. On the other hand, I don't think Warband lets you run in with your fists and actually be able to come out victorious.

The various game modes and updates to the game help, along with balance patches. If all you want is some medieval combat with others, there's nothing wrong with picking up Chivalry.


Great And Unique Multiplayer Game With A Large Learning Curve

combodombie | March 5, 2014 | See all combodombie's reviews »

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a great multiplayer game. For only $25, you should check it out. The game looks pretty good and it is easy to control. The issues is that it is a bit buggy at times, the third-person camera is mostly pointless, and (the worse one) is that this game has an incredibly steep learning curve.

Get past those issues though and you have an incredibly fun multiplayer game.


Chivalry: Medieval Review ------> Buy it or Not?

koticpaxx | Feb. 16, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare brings a whole new meaning to "Medieval Warfare". Here, it is all online, and a first-person view that really makes this game unique. So here, there's no magic or powerful staffs, so your stuck with good old fashion medieval weapons, which is fine because they provide a plethora of different weapons and styles. So the presentation isn't too bad, with the potential to have really nice graphics if you have the computer, and really bad fps if you don't. The sounds are thrilling, with such ridiculous war cries that you'll laugh your chain-mail skirt off. It's quite bloody, which can lead to hilarious parts being dismembered and dislocated. The gameplay itself is a different story. It has a REALLY steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you'll pour endless of hours into it. The thing is, the multiplayer. This is what can make or break your game. If you have a good ping, and are in a decent server, you'll have tons of fun. Or if you have friends who own this game, rally them up and play together for even more fun. To conclude (that's new), Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a great game. Just make sure you have the right computer and internet connection, and you should be fine. Also, keep in mind that you'll need to be patient to really get the flow of the game. As always, no game is without glitches and bugs, and this game has awesome ones (Anyone see the Reddit picture of a character from this game that has like, a thousand arrows stuck on him? Yeah, stuff like that). So I'd say buy it, preferably if when it goes on sale, and make sure you have the time to invest in it. So lace your chain-mail, equip your armour (Canadian, okay?) and buckle-up for a medieval ride.