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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"Cloudbuilt is a gorgeous free-running game with a touching metaphorical dimension." - Eurogamer

"Could easily top game of the year lists… f*ck this brilliant bullsh*t." - Rock Paper Shotgun

"... primed to be an intensely challenging, beautifully stylised runner/platformer." - Total Biscuit

A young woman, a mysterious world and dark clouds on the horizon... welcome to Cloudbuilt.

Cloudbuilt sees quick wits and even quicker reflexes become your closest friends as you carve your own path through the mysterious floating ruins high above the clouds. A game of speed, precision and freedom, use your rocket-powered exoskeleton and manipulate the laws of physics to avoid fatal hazards, dodge hostile robots and reach not just the finish line of each stage, but the top of the worldwide leaderboards too.

Packed with progressively challenging levels, as well as all manner of shortcuts and secrets to discover, Cloudbuilt’s fast-paced competitive action will push the limits of gamers seeking a challenge time and time again.

Key Features:

  • Jaw-dropping visuals – A unique and utterly gorgeous cel-shaded art style makes the world of Cloudbuilt come alive like nothing you’ve ever seen.

  • Run, jump, fight! – Cloudbuilt combines parkour-style platforming, action-packed gunplay and the fast-paced thrills of racing against the clock to create a hugely addictive and competitive game.

  • Blaze a trail – Open level design allows you to reach each goal in all kinds of different ways. Carve your own route through any stage you like, then keep refining it to get the fastest time possible.

  • Go your own way – Players can find their own route to the finish not just through each level, but also the game; a branching story across 22 levels offer seven unique worlds and four different endings to discover.

  • Fight for supremacy – Finish stages quickly and make your mark on the global leaderboards. Find new shortcuts and use all your skill to climb as high as you can!

  • A minute to learn, a lifetime to master – Rather than making players unlock abilities, Cloudbuilt gives you everything you need right from the start. Pick up the basics immediately, then discover skills you never knew you had and put them to good use!

Customer reviews


Stylish but Sometimes Frustrating

pickelsurprise | Nov. 13, 2014 | See all pickelsurprise's reviews »

Cloudbuilt is difficult. On a positive note, however, it's difficult because it wants to be. The controls are fluid and the game's design philosophy makes sense, but it is still often very hard to master. The game begins with a short tutorial section, but while it covers the basics of movement, you might still feel like you've been thrown out of an airplane without a parachute once the first real level begins. Again, little if any of this challenge is caused by faulty controls or other kinds of artificial difficulty. The only truly irritating element of the game is that it's sometimes difficult to know where you're supposed to go. If you take the time to learn the game and keep up a good sense of direction, Cloudbuilt will be a blast.


An awesome TPS platformer

vixaxi | Sept. 11, 2014 | See all vixaxi's reviews »

First of all, if you hate games like Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, any other game that involves difficulty, please ignore this game. I, myself, do not like these games, and the only reason I bought this is the stunning graphics. It literally forced to buy such a heavenly piece, and it does deserve the rating up ahead or a bit below that. However, it's just... not... right. It does feel like a hardcore parkour game. I bought Mirror's Edge because I was not familiar with parkour games, hence why there should be more, and truly brings me to this. Parkour games are somewhat new to the gaming industry, since Cloudbuilt is somewhat one of the first "real" games that provided players some nifty functions. Not only this, it really does deserve put people to sit down and think about how they would pass this. There are just a couple infractions I saw in the 90 so minute gameplay I went through with my rage and frustration. One, it's too fast. You move for a whole second and it feels like you're going a half a mile in that second. I can agree that can be a "speedrunner's" game, but I just feel that if it was a little bit slower, a lot more could be done. Second of all, the boost, I'm talking about normal mode. I feel like there should be an extra .3 - 5 seconds of a normal boost to get where you need to go. Boosting from a ramp to past a platform isn't possible sometimes. Instead, you have to boost from the ramp to the platform, then to the doorway. Third, I also felt like there could be more in the tutorial, or there could be a whole world like 5 or 6 levels of how to play this game nicely. Y'know, an extra hour won't hurt on how to play a hardcore game. Finally, I felt like there should be an "Easy" mode along with the "Normal" mode. Easy mode being where you have infinite lives, maybe a little more checkpoints here and there, and maybe less enemies to deal with. Overall, this game needs to be checked out by hardcore gamers, or players who like parkour games. Who knows, maybe one day I'll learn this game in a certain amount of hours. This is a well-made game.