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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


In a realm of magic, the immortal Modo has been stripped of his powers and sent to live on the Earth as a mortal in punishment for his crimes in the Afterlife. Now the furious Modo is on a quest to not only regain his lost powers, but to gain enough strength to destroy the Earth once and for all.

As the story's hero, players must decide either to thwart Modo's plans for destruction and ultimately defeat this evil being or to aid him in his diabolical quest.

Dawn of Magic is a third-person RPG where the weapon of choice is magic. The game is set in a richly detailed medieval fantasy world, allowing the player a wide variety of choices both in individual quests and character development.

Dawn of Magic is different from most other popular RPG titles in that the player characters are all of one type: Mage. There are over a dozen different fields of magic, allowing players many choices for specialization.

The magical varieties are especially useful in multiplayer games, allowing each member of a party to have different specialization. The most unique aspect of the magic system is the ability to combine spells. The multiplayer feature of Dawn of Magic is the most innovative system seen in any modern RPG. In addition to converting the singleplayer story line to allow multiplayer gameplay, players may take their multiplayer characters and compete in 2-person duels or in large arenas against many others in true melee combat.

Customer reviews



kalil | June 20, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Very interesting game, the spell system is really something new and it makes fun to "produce" new spells like a stunning fireball. But there are also some bugs and glitches which need to be patched. To sum up, I'd recommend this game to all people who are tired of the Diablo clones and want to try out something new


A good choice if you like hack'n slash

panz3r88 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Dawn of Magic is a classic hack'n slash game, so it's a game where action has an important role and you will pass most of the time defeating hordes of enemies and collecting more powerful weapons. At the beginning of the game you can choose between for different character, but none of them is really interesting and well characterized. The game at the beginning is quite hard, but after some times you will become more powerful and you will have some fun.


Action Rpg

faraany3k | Sept. 4, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Dawn of Magic is an action RPG like Diablo or if you play MMOs its like Rise of Immortals. You start off by selecting a character, and then select its specialization as to which type of Mage you want to be. There is fair amount of depth here. After entering the game you play from a third person view, which is more of a isometric view because it is zoomed back a little. As you progress through the game you unlock many new abilities by defeating many magical creatures. There are lots of customization involved here. But games graphics and storyline are extremely underwhelming. Although environments are great and varied but color palette and art style is completely uninspiring and looks ugly. Storyline is fairly cliched where you need to eradicate the world from a great evil. There is fair amount of RPG fun here but ultimately its too stereotypical of the genre and you might have played a game like this many times before. But if you are interested in a fun little RPG game for a while,Dawn of Magic is a great game for its current low price of 5 dollars.


Biggest Problem

hotmando1 | July 19, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

My biggest problem with the Dawn of Magic series is that it tries to do everything and doesn't do all of them above and beyond ofo what is expected. First..chat in the game is so messed up. If there are like 6-10 different npcs talking, you can't see anything besides this mass of chat bubbles. This disturbs your combat experience sooo much. Anyway, visuals are okay and look sorta "next-gen" but not really. I agree the plot is worth playing..but the necessity of playing the sequel for the next part of the plot is pretty lame in my opinion. The rpg focus alongside action/rts/ is well done. The game is a challenge too. The stater enemies to the end game enemies are all hard. Really..it'll take some time and patience to learn how to deal with the, If you like this game, you should look at the sequel.


Okay game, not brilliant

rascallion | April 12, 2011 | See all rascallion's reviews »

In this game, you start off by choosing your character and customizing him. There's four you can choose from. You then have to go out and either help or destroy Modo, who is immortal and was banished to Earth. You basically have to learn spells and then use them in fights. It's quite fun. You can even mix magics to make an even more powerful hero. If you like RPGs I reccomend this game, but if you haven't really played many RPGs, don't get this.