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Third party DRM: Steam

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In this chaotic universe of ours, only three things are certain: death, taxes and that Dwarfs always dig too deep.

'Dwarfs!?' is, surprisingly enough, a game about Dwarfs! As the new overseer, your job is to manage small colonies of the buggers, trying to make them as successful as possible before meeting their inevitable doom! Sounds easy enough, eh? Unfortunately, these Dwarfs are not the silly, dolled up versions in mithril armor we see on television. They are the real deal: greedy, confused and terribly drunk. In order to succeed, you'll have to bribe them, blow them up and send them flying in cannons!

'Dwarfs!?' offers an addictive, fast paced arcade-like experience, with plenty of difficulties and game modes to play around in! In this game, your own Dwarfs double as your greatest asset and worst threat. They explore for you, they mine for you and they fight for you -- but if you don't keep an eye on them, they'll do what they do best: die for you and take everyone else with them!

Nothing in 'Dwarfs!?' is free, though. To force your 'loyal subjects' to do your bidding, you must cough up the gold. The same gold that might save your beard when someone, somewhere disturbs a Spider Queen.

Key Features:

Don't be fooled - Dwarfs are tiny, but this game is full of features:

  • Addictive Arcade Mode with four difficulties, ranging from grandma-easy to batsh*t insane

  • Base Defense, which is like Tower Defense, but, like, the name is changed

  • Rush Mode Survival, where the Dwarf spawning knows no bounds

  • Dark Mode, where a fog of war prevents you from seeing beyond your caves

  • Sandbox Mode, where you can basically do everything you ever dreamed of

  • Endless Mode, where you can keep mining forever, and ever, and ever

  • Challenge Mode, where you can put your overseer-abilities to the test

  • Leaderboards and Achievements to show everyone the size of your beard

  • ...and Zombies!

Customer reviews


Perfect for some short fun

Obsessor | May 15, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

What I love about this game: Narrator, a real dwarf, with proper accent, and proper dwarven jokes. Gameplay is great too, although I had to get used to ordering my dwarves by the means of placing arrows on the ground. In Dwarfs!? you command diggers and warriors. Diggers dig to the riches, warriors defend diggers from goblins, and occasional shaman(these are powerful goblins able to summon reinforcements). There are other dangers, like lava and bottomless pits. Your dwarves act like lemmings, and will always walk straight into the boiling lava. Fortunately you can wall off dangerous caves with impenetrable walls, or divert lava flow by blowing a hole with dynamite. As the title of review states - this game is good for short plays, after a time I get tired, but always return for another try. You can play a campaign, and some other modes.


Fun for some time

MalkaLT | April 17, 2015 | See all MalkaLT's reviews »

First thing - If you are not sure about this game then go and try f2p version on Steam, because this game won't be something you will keep playing for hours and hours again. Yes, it is fun and keeps your eyes open for a while, but after you get achievement called "Not a Warhammer" you will probably stop playing, because that is the achievement to unlock Dwarfs!? axe for Killing Floor and that's why you came here right? Anyways, if you are really interested in this game then sure, go and get this game, because on f2p version you won't get all of that experience, it's only good for going through tutorial. This game has very interesting and unique gameplay, I haven't seen any game that would be even similar to this one. Here, as you can guess, you are controlling dwarfs, and ofcorse your people are digging for gold, and here comes the hard part, after your dwarfs have done some digging, you are one step closer to total disaster, because your village might be attacked by goblins, or some dwarf could accidentally dig the way for lava or water to flow and destroy your main building, while killing every dwarf in it's way. So you have to keep an eye on every one of them which is extremely hard, but if you think that you are cool and skilled enough to do that - go ahead, buy this game and you will be enjoying it for sure, and only the question for how long. So it's in your hands weather you'll buy it or not.


Fun, for a while.

Whoritiquisha | July 12, 2014 | See all Whoritiquisha's reviews »

This game is the typecan play multiple times. But you can't play the game continuously. You have about half an hour to and hour before you get bored. But at least the gameplay is fun. They have different modes you can try out, different objectives, and tons of achievements!


Addicting and easy!

oipluckie | June 22, 2014 | See all oipluckie's reviews »

Just a simple game that can keep you busy in short bursts or for hours on end. The comical voice done by the one and only Simon is also an added bonus! It's not a game with an amazing storyline but something to pass the time. Give it a try if you find it on sale or give it a try now, it's worth it.


Simple and Fun.

StupidMarioBros | Feb. 22, 2014 | See all StupidMarioBros's reviews »

Dwarfs! What more can I say? Well, a lot actually. Dwarfs! (Yeah, the ! is in the title) is a strategy game with a overhead view, even though you're underground, which makes no sense, but in a game like this, who cares honestly. The main objective is to try and get the most money, or the highest high score, which you do by making your little dwarfs dig for gold and other ores. With this gold, you can either save it up or buy more dwarfs (and other people, but ill get to that) to increase production. The last way you can spend money is by creating paths for your dwarfs to mine in. What do I mean? Well, basically, if you dont make paths for the dwarfs, they will just dig randomly, which obviously won't help. The paths cost a reasonable amount, which costs by block how far you make them. The main objective, besides high scores, is to survive monsters, water, and lava. They all try to attack you home base. If it gets destroyed or flooded, the game's over. The combat is like this: The more a dwarf digs, the more he levels up, meaning more damage and other things. You can also buy guard dwarfs to guard your home, but that only beats monsters. The monsters are found in random chance caves, which basically work like this: You see a black cave, if your dwarf enters, it could be: A. Treasure B. Nothing C. Monsters, or D. Lava/Water, so you can bet it all for the money. The other hazard is water/lava, which the tutorial teaches you how to stop. Basically it works like this: You can build walls to hold both back, but theres a catch: Lava can break through the walls, but water can't. To stop lava from flooding, you need to plant a bomb to make a hole for the lava to fall in and stop it from flooding, which is done by planting a bomb then sacrificing a dwarf. That's the basics of the game, which may sound complicated, but it is very simple to pick up and play for me, but than again, I have played games like this before (Dig Dug, Bomberman). Is this game worth the price here on GMG? Yes. Its only, as I write this, 2.49$, which is a great deal for this game that dives into a gaming genre not used very often. It's solid, and pretty fun to try and beat your steam friends in. PS: Did I mention the Yogscast was in it?