Eryi's Action


One fine day, Eryi went to eat the melon that she had been SO looking forward to... but it was nowhere to be found! Then she noticed a note on the table. She picked it up and read: "Your melon looked delicious, so I took it. From Farta X"

Fuming with rage, Eryi set out from her house to get her melon back from Farta.

Eryi's Action is a 2D platformer by developer Xtal Sword that is visually inspired by Super Mario, but has gameplay akin to games like I Wanna Be the Guy. Don’t be fooled by its adorably charming looks – this game abounds in traps and wants you to die! However, where IWBTG was murderously difficult, Eryi's Action is additively challenging and FUN!

Trap placement is often laugh-out-loud funny and seriously engaging. Some traps simply need to be learned to avoided, but others are puzzles that will require your skill and wits to beat. Either way, Eryi’s action delivers laughs, frustrating and satisfaction.


  • 12 action-packed stages & boss fights!

  • Adorably charming world & characters!

  • Fiendishly cunning traps!

  • It’s okay to fail! Autosave has your back!

  • FUN! You'll die a lot, but you WILL go back for more!

  • 32 achievements (Steam version only)

Customer reviews


A nice platform

Cavalieroscuro | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

I bought this title when it was included in Build a Greenlight bundle, and it was a really surprise. Good graphic (it reminds me a lot Super Mario World for Super Nintendo), good gameplay (and the autosave feature is really important, so you can try your way without the problem of loose a life) and a nice soundtrack. It isn't very long, but I had a lot of fun when I played it.