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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Fly’N is a PC platformer in which players control four original characters with their own complementary abilities. They are the guardians of the World-Trees: the Buds. It’s only by combining and by playing with their powers that the Buds will be able to find the right path when the situation seems impossible…

Save the World-Trees from Dyer, the loony hair-dryer who intends to destroy their Helys! It’s up to you to control the four different characters with unique powers, guardians of the World-Trees: the Buds. But watch out – their path will be peppered with pitfalls, each one more hazardous than the rest! When you find yourself in a tricky situation, you’ll have to figure out which combination of actions will save the day…

Somewhere between a platformer, a puzzle game and a great big dollop of pure fun, Fly’N is ready to take off!

Key Features:

  • Experiment with the four Buds and their individual powers to save the World-Trees

  • Fly'N uses his singing to interact with his environment and keep moving.

  • Lyft can stick to almost any wall.

  • Ywok, once inflated like a balloon, is invincible and bounces everywhere.

  • Nyls propels himself through the air.

  • Switch between Innate and Subtle Visions when to find your way through

  • Redistribute the Helys in order to play with the environment and free the inhabitants of Helicia

  • Challenge your skills through more than forty levels.

Customer reviews



sonicchaos | March 25, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

Fly'N is an amazing, extremely overlooked and under-appreciated game. Well, it is still one of the most popular indie titles on the market. However, something makes me think that Fly'N wasn't played by enough people and hasn't been in our attention as it should have been. As with most indie games, while AAAs get all the credit and merits for originality and innovation, small titles like Fly'N are overshadowed and dismissed. Major gaming sites prefer the cozy hits from a single article about a triple A or big corporation... stuff, instead of giving at least a positive look or insight about a good indie game. Anyway, got carried away a bit. The game is a platformer in which you, the player, have to switch between four characters, each with unique abilities, in order to progress while solving varied and creative puzzles. The world is amazing, beautiful, and everything reminded me of Rayman Origins. It's not the same art style, but it's exactly as detailed and colorful. Playing for a while will make you fall in love with the story, the little characters and the whole world. The variety is overwhelming and all the time you'll hope it will last longer and longer. Unfortunately, the game is too short for how amazing it is, and the puzzles aren't very hard to deal with. But the whole experience is worth the time and hopefully we'll get a sequel.