Gun Monkeys

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Includes two copies of Gun Monkeys - Send the extra copy to a friend!

GUN MONKEYS is a Procedurally–Generated, Physics-based, Online Deathmatch platform game from multi award-winning indie dev Size Five Games.

In GUN MONKEYS, you'll take charge of a modern-day power company. In the distant future, a catastrophic experiment into Perpetual Energy obliterates all human life, leaving the world choc-full of free-for-the-taking energy, but unpleasantly lacking in people to take advantage of it. Your job as CEO is to send a legion of pleasingly-expendable monkeys forwards in time to collect Power Cubes and return them to present-day, all from the comfort of your PC.

Key Features:

  • Monkeys! In the future! Future Monkeys!

  • "Always Online" 1-on-1 Deathmatch action (offline local play mode also available)

  • Procedurally Generated levels means you'll never play the same map twice!

  • Tailor your squad to your unique playing style with a host of interesting and helpful Perks!

  • Short, sharp, hi-octane jabs of multiplayer fun!

  • Challenge your friends, or make new enemies!

  • Loads of Achievements and Trading Cards to collect!

Customer reviews



jmods5710 | July 17, 2014 | See all jmods5710's reviews »

Great for some casual 1v1 action. The price is very good, but it does lack in player numbers, so it is not really recommended in that way. The game is multiplayer only, with some nice looking procedurally generated arenas, but you should only play this if you get it for free now, cause it's hard to find people to play with unless you have friends to play with.

But, overall, as I stated before, very fun game.


Not worth it

jepherz | July 17, 2014 | See all jepherz's reviews »

This is basically a 1v1 versus game, no single player mode just to be clear. The game is pretty bland and will get boring very fast. There is also a leveling system which potentially makes the game even worse. When you win matches you get money to upgrade your character giving you an edge over others. Maybe that feature was supposed to make the game more interesting too but I don't think that's enough. I really like the art style of this game though and think it would have been a great coop adventure game if they had made it to be one.


Needs a bit more

Whoritiquisha | July 17, 2014 | See all Whoritiquisha's reviews »

It's a fun game and all but eventually it get less fun because you're basically repeating yourself over and over again. It's a simple 2D platform fighting game, but quite frankly, it tends to hurt my eyes. Half the time of the time your confused what's happening on the screen due to all the multicolored things!


Fun, but lacks players

blackmoth | July 13, 2014 | See all blackmoth's reviews »

This is a pretty fun game to waste some time on. It has a good price too. The gameplay is smooth. I haven't seen any bugs at all while playing it. The graphics are nothing special, but they fit for the type of game it is. The only real problem that I can see, is the lack of players. The playerbase is very small which makes it hard to play. I'd recommend it if you AND a few of your friends are going to get it, but if its just you, I'd pass on this one.


Good game but still has some problems

CARLEST | July 1, 2014 | See all CARLEST's reviews »

This game is really nice. You can be a monkey and fight other monkeys. Graphics are "different" from other games but I really like it. It is really funny when you just want to pass some time but I wouldn't play it every day. It's only problem is, that there are no other players to play with. It is pretty sad because it would be really good to play with friends.