Instant Dungeon!

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"This is like Pac-Man meets Gauntlet, and I like it." - TapSkill

You know the feeling, you just got home from another grueling day at the office, or you're stuck at the airport for yet another layover, or maybe you just got dumped again! You just want to relax and enjoy yourself for a change.

What you need is some serious deep dungeon delving. But you don't have time for memorizing complex skill trees, crafting charts, or upgrade scales. That's not to mention sitting through ceaseless cut scenes, endless dialogue trees, or boring tutorials.

No worries! Instant Dungeon has got you covered! Just choose from one of the nine unique flavors, press go, and presto! Instant dungeon will instantly create a new dungeon just for you! Complete with glittering treasures, vicious monsters, brutal boss battles, wild power ups and most importantly fun, Fun, FUN!

Instant Dungeon! mixes dungeon exploration with arcade action in the vein of the classic maze games from the 80s (eg. Pacman, et. al.).

Key features:

  • A different dungeon every time you play!
  • Nine different game flavors to choose from!
  • Collect treasures and glory in Action Recipe!
  • Enter the service of the King in Adventure Mix!
  • Save your friends in Rescue Relish!
  • Plumb the dark depths of the dungeon in Dark Roast!
  • Explore in utter darkness in Soul Succor!
  • Survive brutal boss encounters in Boss Blend!
  • Hone your skills in Practice Formula!
  • Simmer down with Weak Sauce!
  • And test your sanity in the mixed up world of Maxima Mash!
  • Infinite levels!
  • Six unique boss stages!
  • Eleven lovable player characters to choose from!
  • Sixteen wild weapons and spells to collect and conjure!
  • Procedurally layered music, a different soundtrack every time you play!
  • Dynamic lighting effects!
  • Full high score tables!

Customer reviews


Simple, Well Polished Dungeon Crawler

Daze77 | Aug. 26, 2015 | See all Daze77's reviews »

This game is exactly what it says on the tin; Instant, fun and simple. For the price, this was a steal. It reminds me of old NES dungeon crawlers, but with the roguelike twist of randomization and permadeath. - If you are looking for a quick arcade game with the guise of a roguelike, this fits the bill like none other. No memorization, no stat balancing, no equipment managing. Just pure, unadulterated fun.


Instantly Fun

emptyhaven | Nov. 29, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

I think the best thing about this game is exactly what the game itself says in the menu: "All the dungeon, none of the fuss!" Instant Dungeon provides you with the roguelike fun you want, without any strings attached. It essentially throws you in the game and you immediately have a game to play. With the different modes and dungeon types, and the assurance that no two dungeons you play through are similar, this game never gets stale. Practice Mode was a nice touch, allowing you to practice your dungeon skills and get yourself acquainted with the kind of game it is. Then the varying degrees of difficulty will make sure you are enjoying the game and still challenging yourself to new heights. It's a pretty simple game, but it allows for tons of enjoyment! Recommended for anyone looking for a quick game... over and over again!