Killing Floor: Nightfall Character Pack

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires Killing Floor (base game) to use this DLC.


The Nightfall Character Pack adds 4 more new and unique playable characters for Killing Floor as Downloadable Content. Once you have bought the pack, they will become selectable in the character selection screen in-game.

  • Mr. Foster

    The SuperFantastic life of a day trader and evening attraction at London's premiere karaoke bar. It's a shame no publishers are still alive to pick up Foster's half finished autobiography. The final chapter - An Orgy of Skull Cracking and Mutant Warfare in the Big City would have probably rocketed the book to the top of the best seller lists

  • Security Officer Thorne aka "Carnivore"

    Horzine pays the bills. The wife is happy because we can eat again. I get to drink again. I'm happy. Salary bonus? Sure! I says. Experimental whats-its? Don't mind if I do. Should a seen it coming. On the bright side, I can bend things real good now. Metal, bones. anything. And the rats they throw me is tasty. I bet that science guy would be tasty, too. When I get out of here I'm gonna to tear off a little piece of him. Stupid science guy.

  • Lance-Corporal Lee Baron

    What are the chances of a major downtown bomb-threat and a flesh eating mutant invasion occurring on the same day? Pretty good, apparently. The corporal's suit keeps him safe from flying debris, but the claws and teeth on those monsters rip right through it. Experience has taught him to put a little distance between himself and these flesh craving goons. As well as a pipe-bomb or three.

  • Mike Noble

    When all that is left of your girl-friend are her partly-chewed legs, you have to wonder what sort of rave it had been. The wide variety of monster-things chasing you around in your skeletor costume make that pretty clear. While most people would wind up as a canape for said monsters, luckily some latent psychopathic streak seems to have kicked in when our boy Mike found that nice, shiny Katana.

Customer reviews


Quite simply, the best

UltraJake | Feb. 8, 2015 | See all UltraJake's reviews »

Killing Floor has a lot of DLC. Most of it is cosmetic, like this pack, which is why I'm sure no player is expected to get all of it. However, if you are going to get one of the character packs, definitely consider the Nightfall pack. It features a character that much of the community adores, Mr. Foster, as well as Thorne. Both of these character are confirmed to be returning in Killing Floor 2, and maybe the others will follow suit. So why not get familiar with them while you wait? And I adore Mike Noble as well, if these two aren't to your liking. $8 for some characters reskins might seem like a bit much, but Killing Floor and the DLC go on sale quite often. If you feel the same way, just wait for a sale or consider grabbing a GMG coupon.


Very nice character pack

domenthechief | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

Killing Floor: Nightfall Character Pack features four new awesome characters that you'll be able to play after you purchase this DLC. Upon installing these characters will become selectable in the character selection screen in-game. The characters you will receive in this DLC are Mr. Foster, Security Officer Throne aka "Carnivore", Lance-Corporal Lee Baron and Mike Noble. Personally I like all the characters, but Mr. Foster is in all ways my favourite. His design is so simple and yet so entertaining that I never get bored of playing him. Don't get me wrong, the other guys are really fun to play too and their designs are pretty neat as well! Anyway, I love this DLC. It's very cheap and being able to play new characters is very refreshing. Recommended for all Killing Floor players!