Laxius Force

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


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The story of Random and Sarah who find themselves engulfed in a war against the Order, a dangerous organization wishing to take control of the world.

Meet Brussian, Wendala, Marion and their many friends as they join the adventure for the only purpose of defending Adretana, a town that happens to be the next target of the Order's plans.

Laxius Force is an epic, addicting RPG at the crossroads of games like Baldur's Gate and the old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. If any of those are among your favorite games, then you should definitely give a try to Laxius Force.

A new gaming experience is at hand!

  • 80 hours of playing!
  • 15 Legendary Heroes!
  • 500+ Locations!
  • Epic Adventure!

Customer reviews


Wonderful game!!

robinvanvooren1 | April 16, 2014 | See all robinvanvooren1's reviews »

I love retro rpgs and this one is a winner. Its fun, and easy to learn. I like the larger print-easy on the eyes and that I don't have to push six buttons rapid fire to do something. Its a game I can play easily one handed. The story is rich and well done, the sounds play great, the graphics are perfect for the 8-bit era and there is no glitches, lag or crashes. It plays perfectly.


A surprise indeed

Reinhaert | July 7, 2013 | See all Reinhaert's reviews »

JRPGs are becoming a rarity nowadays. A good friend says it well: it's become a niche genre. I'm glad things like this still pop up. The fighting mechanics are good, even if they don't look very amazing and while the dungeoning can be a bit... annoying at the start, don't give up on it. It comes back and hits you in the face with amazing vigor.



fiddy187 | July 3, 2013 | See all fiddy187's reviews »

I picked up Laaxius Force at a very cheap price following a surprisingly high rating from it's players. Considering it's price, it wasn't much of a risk. If I was to judge it by it's screenshots, I would have passed this up in a heart-beat. Thankfully, I looked passed it, to discover an amazing game! The game reminds me of the Pokemon series in a way. Top down, simple graphics, 8-bit sounds, etc, etc. However, it has a mix of Final Fantasy in terms of it's fighting style. Very hard to imagine, but I must say, it works well in this game! The story is a very interesting one. The story of two warriors if you will, fighting against "The Order" - One being "Kratin" a skeleton, who has been cursed, and the " Djarma". I have never previously heard of this series of games, so it was a welcome surprise to find such a gem at a cheap price. Currently, I haven't put much time into the game, but I plan on really sinking my teeth into this. The story, and characters already have me captured. Add to that it's interesting gameplay style, and funky, old-school graphics and sound, I'm very excited to see what this game has for me! Well worth a purchase, not matter what price!


A great anime RPG

drafek | July 2, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

Laxius force is a clasic anime RPG. The art style is really good, it's anime. The story is long, you can get over 110+ hours of gameplay. The controls are easy to learn, but you've to focus. This is one of the only good anime RPG's on pc these days. Sound is great, price is good. Worth full price!



drafek | June 20, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This game is a JRPG or just a RPG with anime elements. The gameplay is done really well, the story does have some nice twists which I really liked and didn't expect. The anime is done well, normally I aren't really a fan of anime in video games but this is done well. The music is addictive, it's made well. You'll get some hours out of this game! Pick it up!