Little Kingdom

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


You are the leader of a small kingdom aiming to conquer this serene world simply by strengthening your economy (NO war or killing!) Expand your influence, gather new resources and construct stronger buildings to strengthen your position. With a healthy dose of strategy coupled with bribing or absorbing your enemy’s strength; you can claim the kingdom in your name!


  • Build towers to increase your area of influence across the lands and strengthen the might of your kingdom.
  • Trade the natural resources of your new lands to boost the economy!
  • Expand your influence by using resources to construct stronger towers!
  • Dominate your enemies; overpower their land to take control of their towers!

Customer reviews


Mediocre at best

caspica | May 14, 2013 | See all caspica's reviews »

This really is a quite mediocre economic strategy game. Its appeal is more for those looking for a casual game than anything else. I think they could have evolved the strategical aspect of the game much more than they did. Also the graphic is not exactly appealing or gorgeous in any way. This is a point where I think the developer could have really turned it awesome. If they had went with a Sleeping Beauty art style then it would have been more pleasing for the eye and a more pleasant experience. What I got now was mediocre at best.That might be stretching it but I do that primarily because we need more game like this.