Miner Wars MMO

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Miner Wars MMO is a space/underground shooter played in a fully destructible environment with thousands of other players online. Each player operates an advanced mining ship in an open-world asteroid belt area. Gameplay involves traveling the solar system, fighting enemies, digging tunnels, harvesting ore, and discovering hidden secrets.

Build your own space station! Start your own faction or corporation! Persuade others to join you in your fight for domination of the Solar System!

### Features:

  • Global Scale Destruction - The entire game environment is destructible and persistent. Travel to a forgotten asteroid, mine a tunnel there, and make it your corporation’s secret base of operations. Destroy a whole asteroid permanently with an asteroid buster rocket. Dig a long tunnel in an asteroid, wait for an unsuspecting victim to fly in, then mount an ambush. The possibilities are limitless.

  • 6DOF Combat/FPS in Space - Every ship in the game is fully maneuverable in six directions. This makes combat extremely dynamic and exciting. FPS veterans will feel at home with our WASD mouse-and-keyboard setup, while space sim fans can use their trusty joysticks to maneuver in space. Miner Wars MMO is a full PvP/looting/cooperation-friendly environment.

  • Skill-Based Game – Flying and combat require mainly physical and mental skill. No “grinding” your way to the top doing repetitive missions—there are no levels, only player skills. You can, however, upgrade your ship to give yourself a nice “edge” in the field.

  • Wide Variety of Ships - Acquire the ship that best suits your needs. No restrictions. But some ships are better suited for mining, some for large battles, some for exploration/scouting, and some for hit-and-run tactics.

  • Complex Dungeons in Space – Seamless transition between outdoor and indoor areas. Players can enter large asteroid bases and space stations full of enemies and loot. Intense multi-player battles can rage within these indoor dungeons.

  • Ship Upgrades - Every ship can be upgraded with a large variety of weapons, armor plating, engines, radar systems, maneuvering thrusters, mining equipment, and many other gameplay-enhancing extras.

  • Mining and Exploration - Choose the life of a miner, soldier, or explorer. Almost 30 elements and material types can be mined from asteroids. Some are so rare they’ll make you rich overnight! An intrepid explorer-type can travel about, earning cash by selling tips on mining locations, discovering artifacts, etc.

  • Player Factions & Corporations – Players may decide to join any of the existing factions (Euro-American Confederation, China, Russia, Fourth Reich, and over 20 others) and create their own sub-faction. Or they can start a completely new faction or corporation and try to make it to the top!

  • Realistic Player-Governed Economy – The economy is in the hands of players, based on supply and demand. Players can mine ores, craft weapons and spaceships, construct space factories, and trade and share materials and products amongst themselves. This opens enormous military/tactical possibilities! Is it time to disable an enemy faction and put them out of business for good?

  • In-Game Editor & Construction – Players and player groups (factions, corporations) may build their own personalized space bases, asteroid bases, mining camps, and outposts. Discover a new space sector or seize one from an enemy and establish a functional economy and defenses there!

  • Looting – In this Player vs. Player world, you’ll want to keep your pockets full and your combat skills sharp. Any ship can be looted by another player. Of course, in the heat of battle some equipment and resources inevitably get destroyed. So if you wipe out your opponent (either NPC or Player), you’ll get less loot. But if you disable your opponent, you can steal some of his equipment and resources...

How does the Miner Wars MMO purchase model work?

You purchase the MMO product once only, like an ordinary game. There are no subscription fees and you receive all patches and updates for free.

We guarantee the game to be hosted on our servers for at least 2 years from the initial release of the MMO. This is only "minimum" support time - we fully expect the game to be supported much longer!

For a limited time, pre-sales are being offered for only $19.99 USD. This means you can pay $19.99 USD now, and when the MMO comes out (Q4 2012), you can play the game for at least 2 years (guaranteed) without any subscription fees. This win/win offer helps support the game’s development while giving you an outstanding gameplay value.

Is there a Miner Wars MMO demo I can try before buying?

The single-player/standard multi-player game (Miner Wars 2081) is currently in pre-alpha stage and its demo available for free download (http://www.minerwars.com/Downloads.

There is no demo available yet for Miner Wars MMO, although you can try the demo of the single-player game to get a feel for the graphics, gameplay mechanics, etc. Demo (beta) of the MMO is scheduled for Q4 2012.

Customer reviews


Great with friends

Freako | Jan. 11, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

Game is fun with friends where you can sabotage them. The vast world of miners makes it feel that resources are sacred so you have to protect yours but you get greedy at times and try to plunder someone else's. Game pressures you to do lots of things which is quite good.

But i feel the game multiplayer is kind of dead. There are plenty good titles out there that are already in the next generation graphics and gameplay.