Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


You, as Nancy Drew, have just entered a tightening circle of fear and crime as you explore a seaside amusement park that’s swirling with secrets. An antique carousel horse as been stolen! Now, late at night, the merry-go-round takes off on bizarre riderless journeys to nowhere. Are the painted ponies searching for their missing lead horse, or is there another explanation for the midnight rides? Take a spin with danger to unravel the mystery of a ghostly carousel! Dare to Play

Key Features:

  • Play mini-games in the arcade
  • Reconstruct a historic carousel
  • Keep track of clues and suspects with your laptop.
  • Erase Mistakes with the “Second Chance” option.
  • Use a cell phone to take and make calls anywhere.

Customer reviews


Quite short, but one of the best.

Liverpool1971 | June 9, 2013 | See all Liverpool1971's reviews »

It was not my first game from the series, and I could tell that this one is definitely for younger players, but I really enjoyed it. The puzzles were not that hard, but with engaging storyline and mystery, and nice graphics this one was really a good one. It may be really short, but I highly recommend it for younger gamers.