Night at the Grindhouse

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Paradox Interactive is proud to present a double bill of thriller chiller, blood spillers!

In a world that wouldn’t allow them to survive, an entire cast of clichéd combatants meet one fateful night and unleash bloody carnage on their equally-contrived counterparts in this year’s smash hit, The Showdown Effect. Filmed in special 2.5D RenderVisionScope, The Showdown Effect’s multiplayer mayhem blasts its way from the silver screen to your home computer.   Finishing off this unique double feature is one of the most sadistic, diabolical, sinister tales ever told. Three heroic adventurers , in search of fame and fortune, travel to a mysterious theme park overseer – the mythical Dungeon Maestro. Join forces with two of your doomed friends and attempt to take down the treacherous Maestro. Or play the role of the Maestro himself and terrorize the hapless human-controlled heroes. You can’t escape the shock, the terror, the pure insanity of...Dungeonland.

The Showdown Effect:

  • Up to 8 player fast paced, cinematic, multiplayer action

  • In-game, out-of-the box streaming capability to

  • 8 clichéd characters , each with unique abilities

  • 6 levels across three different environments

  • 4 different free for all and team based game modes

  • Solo matchmaking using ELO rating system

  • Custom rules sets to create your own game modes – Pistols only!

  • Progressive rewards and unlocks for character and weapon customization

  • BONUS ITEMS: Includes one playable character and one special weapon


  • Strategic Co-op Gameplay: Utilize each character’s unique skills and weapons, combine their special powers to form all new attacks, or just plain hack and slash your way through this treacherous theme park  

  • Competitive Multiplayer: Play as the Dungeon Maestro himself and unleash evil on your friends. Summon your minion to thwart the heroes, conjure spells or take control of a boss monster and get in the action yourself. Then push the Evil Laugh button and let your sinister cackle reverberate throughout the land  

  • Replayability: The DM AI randomizes monsters, treasures and dangers each session to create a unique experience; player choice in equipping items creates endless combinations for more variety  

  • Colorful Game World: Four different theme park environments to explore, each with their own unique attractions. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop on the way out. The prices are to die for…  

  • BONUS ITEM: Includes the Dungeon Maestro Grimoire Pack – a collection of spells , traits and a possession ability to help thwart those pesky heroes

Customer reviews


Great bundle.

CrysisX | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

Dungeonland is great! Just make sure you have friends to play with or else it'll be boring. The Showdown Effect is a fun game but the multiplayer is kind of dead right now which is sad. Nevertheless, bundle is still worth it.


2 High Impact Games

KellinCore | July 19, 2013 | See all KellinCore's reviews »

When pure realism of the action, good times entretencion assured, you will have everything in these two games, you'll love to shoot and enjoy a good story with these 2 sets of impact