Out of the Park Baseball 14


Out of the Park Baseball 14 is the latest in a series of an award-winning baseball simulation games that GamingTrend calls "the most complete baseball simulation on the market." OOTP offers unparalleled flexibility in creating your own baseball world. Play solo with a baseball world of your own creation: make a simple, 8-team league, play a typical major league game with complete 2013 rosters, create a historical league with real players from any year between 1871 and 2012 or build an enormous world with baseball leagues in multiple countries. For the ultimate challenge, join an online league and test your mettle against other human players!

OOTP 14 is the closest most people can get to being the general manager of a real baseball team. Handle GM tasks like drafts, trades, scouting, waivers, team finances, and personnel. Negotiate player contracts. Or dive into the more hands-on management and set your team's lineups, pitching staffs, and in-game strategy. You can oversee your league at a high level, or play out each game, managing pitch by pitch.

Players in OOTP are rated across multiple skills and include individual personalities and custom faces created with FaceGen technology. OOTP players progress realistically over time. Try to build a team through the draft, or try to sign big free agents to put you over the top! OOTP also has a powerful news engine that generates personal messages and news articles.

Behind all of this is an incredibly powerful statistical engine that tracks an enormous number of statistics for each player in your world. Want to know how your star hitter is doing against righties with runners in scoring position? No problem! OOTP 13 also has a vibrant and helpful user community, and an active one that creates a vast number of user customizations that you can use to further improve your gaming experience, including special roster sets, logos, player images, and more.

Key Features:

  • Manage your own baseball franchise

  • 2013 opening day major league rosters, including full minors

  • Every historical season from 1871 through 2012 included

  • Create fictional leagues and adjust rules and options

  • Customize everything, from financials to player uniforms and much more

  • Play solo or multiplayer in online leagues

Customer reviews



Bolo | July 29, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews ยป

OOTP14 is basically the best sports management game in the market and that is coming from a guy which has basically played everything ever made since 1993 when i started playing Championship manager. What puts this game above other management games is the control factor you have over everything. You can mold the gameworld however you want, which makes it much more flexible than FM2013. It probably even has more depth. The only real drawback is that it is Baseball, which lacks any real appeal outside the USA and the game it totally text based. If you are a true manager fan though, you come to expect that as graphics games (ala FIFA manager) get repetitive over time anyway.