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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


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"The most hyper-violent game I’ve seen since "Soldier of Fortune."" -

Live a week in the life of "The Postal Dude"; a hapless everyman just trying to check off some chores. Buying milk, returning an overdue library book, getting Gary Coleman's autograph, what could possibly go wrong?

Blast, chop and piss your way through a freakshow of American caricatures in this darkly humorous first-person adventure. Meet Krotchy: the toy mascot gone bad, visit your Uncle Dave at his besieged religious cult compound and battle sewer-dwelling Taliban when you least expect them! Endure the sphincter-clenching challenge of cannibal rednecks, corrupt cops and berserker elephants. Accompanied by Champ, the Dude's semi-loyal pitbull, battle your way through open environments populated with amazingly unpredictable AI. Utilize an arsenal of weapons ranging from a humble shovel to a uniquely hilarious rocket launcher.

Collect a pack of attack dogs! Use cats as silencers! Piss and pour gasoline on anything and everyone! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

Key Features:

  • Aggressive vs. Passive: POSTAL 2 is only as violent as you are.

  • One large non-linear world.

  • Explore the world and accomplish your errands at your own pace.

  • Interact with Non-Player Characters

  • Survival Mode: If you choose to play as a pacifist, you will still have to deal with the NPC's who may also go POSTAL!

  • Based on the Unreal Editor: Easy to use and very powerful, with many mods already available from the community.

New Features:

  • Added A Week In Paradise (AWP)

    A much requested feature was for us to add the updates from the very popular AWP mod into the base POSTAL 2 game. This means it is now possible to play POSTAL 2 and Apocalypse weekend in one playthrough. More than just a simple copy and paste, we have tweaked and improved many aspects of the game along the way.

  • The amount of vocal variety has been massively increased, including race specific dialogue.

    5 new voice classes in total! Also adds more situational dialogue for NPC's such as seeing cats, and being on fire. There are even a few more Dude lines now too.

  • Dismemberment from Apocalypse weekend is now a feature of the entire game.

    One of the best new features of the Apocalypse weekend expansion pack was the dismemberment feature, and we have now rolled it back to the entire campaign.

  • Added new weapons (from the Eternal Damnation total conversion) so now there are more weapons to GO POSTAL with:





    Knuckle dusters


    Flame Thrower

    Grenade Launcher


    Sawn off Shotgun


    Baseball bat

  • Greater variation in NPC and Zombie appearance.

    NPC’s how carry bags, wear hats, shades and sport some funky hairdos. These are not the somewhat shabby one’s you saw in the original AWP mod but totally new ones made to a much higher standard.

    We have also included a much greater variation in Zombies, courtesy again of the Eternal Damnation modification.

  • Added 68 Steam Achievements!

    There is also an in game achievement system for the benefit of future DRM free builds.

  • Improved widescreen compatibility, including tripled headed solutions.

    The widescreen stretching and hud issues are now fixed, and we also made the effort to get ultra wide screen working correctly, should you own an Eyefinity/Surround/Triplehead set up.

  • Added the much requested FoV slider to the performance menu and V-sync to the video options.

  • Some minor visual updates.

    You can now see through windows, plus some other things here and there.

  • Added launcher to give the ability to change settings before you start the game.

    A small number of people were affected by a problem where the game would crash on launch unless the video settings matched the resolution of their desktop. This will allow users to set these options before they launch the game and save having to dig around configuration files. Furthermore it now allows access to the MP game via the desktop shortcut.

  • Added an option for micro-transactions!

Customer reviews


It's as cruel as it can be

MalkaLT | March 11, 2015 | See all MalkaLT's reviews »

POSTAL is classic, POSTAL III is fine, but POSTAL 2 is gold! This game is open world, maybe a bit too open but totally worth if you are planning to get this. First thing in this game is killing. You can chop every part of humans body and later play football with their heads. there are many guns and weapons so you will find something you like, if you will ever get bored on killing people by yourself than you can get a dog to help you or even a zombie could help you to fight your enemies. To go silent just grab a cat and put it on your shotgun, because why not!? One of best tactics is to distract your enemy by peeing on him, but be careful 'couse girls will start laughing at you and... uh... why am I doing this just get it already! Get it here for better price! add it to steam for better experience and hilarious achievements! and play it until you find yourself thinking about how you have wasted your life and than get back to gaming becouse it was totally worth it!!! PS. this game is racist and with black humor that is like food - not everyone can get it, so if you think you can't handle it than you should skip it.


Cult classic if ever there was one

Gmen | March 2, 2015 | See all Gmen's reviews »


There is no story as such. Postal 2 is comprised of a seemingly random collection of events spread over an entire week (or weekend if you opt to just play the campaign in the Apocalypse Weekend expansion).

These events usually just start out as chores or errands that The Postal Dude sets out to complete. These range from taking library books back or buying milk, and the like. Just everyday stuff and for the most part you decide on how you go about doing them. But more often than not as much as you try and stay out of trouble, it ends up finding you, and things spiral out of control.


By today's standards, they're dated. The game uses Unreal Engine 1.5, or really just a heavily modified Unreal Tournament engine. However, the character models in the game aren't bad, and neither are the weapon models, displayed in first person when The Dude brandishes them. The animation leaves quite a lot to be desired most of the time.


From the sounds of gunfire to the locals talking and interacting with one another and the player character, as well as lines from The Postal Dude himself, this is probably one of the highlights of the game. You can yell at people and tell them to get down and see how they react. The language used in the game is probably ranks up there as some of the worst I've encountered in a game.

There is no music as such that plays during the game, but you may hear snippets of various tracks playing in the game world.


Postal 2 is quite a bit like Grand Theft Auto. You decide how violent or how passive you wish to be. You can go through town mowing everybody down and in the process drawing a lot of attention from the authorities, or you can go about it in a pleasant way. The game often throws things at you to try and goat you into violence. I for one found the part of the game where Postal Dude is made to dress up like a GIMP and walk through town quite challenging -- mainly because of the reactions from the townsfolk. Some of the things they say made me want to lose my temper and take them out.

The fact that you can find a gun around every corner doesn't help either. The sense of humour in the game is also quite black or morbid, quite similar in some ways to GTA as well.

You can do your chores as recorded down on your list, or you can go sandbox mode and pretty much do anything and everything you want, terrorizing the locals, or the many animals wandering around, playing pranks on people (like urinating on them), or just explore the entire town of Paradise to see what you can find. There are many achievements in the game, and often they require a bit of creativity in order to obtain.

I personally would have liked more interactivity with the environment. When you walk into a video game arcade, you can't play any of the games. When you come across a pool table, you can't chuck the balls around.


The AI isn't particularly switched on in this game. They'll often run right past you when looking for you, and this can be exploited when hiding behind objects like crates or corners, because often they will not shoot at you straight away but almost look for the best vantage point, which is often directly in front of you before opening fire. This seems to depend on the character though, because some of the more highly trained guys like SWAT or military don't mess around. Having said that though, the AI doesn't really seems to display much in the way of self-preservation. When they shoot at you, they do it out in the open. There's no tactical moves, no hiding behind cover. It's pretty basic to be honest. The only time the AI appears anything close to human is when you threaten them or assault them, and they run away in terror. But not all people encountered in the game do this.


Fairly standard. There aren't any lean controls, which makes combat a bit trickier. Other than that there thankfully hotkeys for most weapons, because selecting them with the mouse wheel (default) is a nightmare. Some elements have been borrowed from certain games, like the quick boot -- that was taken from Duke Nukem 3D.


Postal 2 gets mixed reactions from people. Critics never liked it much, and yet it has gone on to become a cult classic.

In a way I view it as a sort of ode to games of old, like Duke Nukem 3D, or Shadow Warrior, Blood, or Redneck Rampage. It's a game that never takes itself too seriously, and you should just play it for a laugh. Think of this as GTA in first person but without the cars.



emptyhaven | Feb. 16, 2015 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

Postal 2 attempts to wash its hands clean by saying this game is only as violent as the player is, or at least as violent as the player wants to be. The game offers some room to be nonviolent, but it also makes it difficult to stay within that nonthreatening space by threatening you anyway.

What I'm trying to say is that whatever you want to do, some inherent form of violence is going to come out anyway.

This game is crazy. If you play this game, you might likely discover you're crazy. There's so much madness in this game. I mean, seriously, cats as silencers? Peeing on anyone or anything at will? A whole slew of weapons at your disposal? The game offers a nonviolent route, but this game's achievements encourage otherwise.

Don't take my word for it though. I highly suggest you get this game. Yes. I'm recommending this game. Seriously.


An OK shooter

Venhiem | Jan. 7, 2015 | See all Venhiem's reviews »

Postal 2 improves upon postal 1, this game is now a first-person-shooter. And what a shooter it is. In this game, basically, the story is that you are out to do some chores. Now it is up to you how to do those chores.
Complete with feminists, fanatics, Gary Coleman and your wife, in this game you must use force to complete some tasks.
The graphics are a little dated. They're not very detailed, but they get along just fine.
The dialogue is witty at times, at other times, just boring and repetitive.
The weapons are where this game shines. It has a huge arsenal of destructive and just plain weird weapons, including your ability to piss on people.
All in all, I'd give it 7.5/10


Going Postal RWS Style!

MetaH3ad | Jan. 6, 2015 | See all MetaH3ad's reviews »

It's bloody, it's gory, filled with satire and black humor ITS POSTAL (2)!

This is the game that is soo wrong in many ways yet so fun and satisfying to play at the same time. POSTAL 2 was released by Running With Scissors (aka RWS) way back in April 2003, uses the Unreal Engine 1.5 so yeah it looks old by today's standards. But it was not forgotten by the devs, it i still updated with an upcoming expansion FOR FREE.

The game is fun on it's own, but with mods it's even better. So yeah the game is modabble (but not at Skyrim levels yet) it will fulfil your modding needs for the gore fest!

The only negative is that the game is not for everybody and there is ALOT of backtracking... But it fills nostalgic so give it a try!