Shank 2

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


The fan-favorite 2D brawler is back as ex-mob hit man Shank returns to action in Shank 2. With those closest to him under attack, Shank is once again forced on the offensive. Now he must put his trusty arsenal of handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons, chainsaws, machetes, grenades, plus all-new weaponry and moves to use in order to protect those close to him. The original game set a new standard for its visual style and Shank 2 raises the bar. Shank 2 expands on the original game’s amazing combat system to redefine the 2D side-scrolling brawler.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Weapon Combat System: With a brand new redesigned weapon system, take on smarter and greater variety of goons and bigger, badder bosses with new weapon combos and new counter moves that let you use enemies’ weapons against them!

  • It Takes More than One to Survive: Team up with a friend to put a thrashing on hordes of goons in this all-new and incredibly fun arcade-style co-op survival mode. Teamwork is essential to surviving waves of increasing tenacious enemies!

  • Rich Environments: Look for opportunities to bring down ceilings, explode barrels, hurl crates, and explore surroundings to find new in-game unlockables!

  • Stunning Visuals: Shank 2 draws you into the action with a stunning visual style that sets a new benchmark in 2D brawlers.

Customer reviews


Improves on the combat speed and variety of the first

Legolas_Katarn | Oct. 20, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

Like the first game, Shank 2 is a 2D beat em up with high quality sprites and bloody combat. The plot has suffered compared to the first game, losing the Tarantino style revenge vibe, but since that is unlikely to be the reason for playing a beat em up that feels like a good compromise considering the combat improvements that have been made. The controls feel more responsive, block has been replaced by a dodging roll that helps to make combat quicker, and the variety of enemies and weapons have been improved. Unlike the first game, you are no longer able to switch between all of your weapons, instead choosing what weapons you want to take with you at the start of each stage or when you die, this change can be disappointing because you won't know what you are facing your first time through the game and you will have less options during a level. The first game did make you pause the game to access all your weapons though, so once again this change can make for a faster paced game. You will find an assortment of heavy weapons that can be picked up and used in each level, making up for your now limited weapon inventory. A new mode has been added that allows you to play single or co-op survival levels with other characters. There are less platforming areas compared to the first game, once again speeding things up but also giving less gameplay variety outside of combat. Shank 2 is definitely meant to be played with a controller, if you do not have one you will have to work to set up an acceptable keyboard configuration.


More Shank!

Obsessor | Aug. 6, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

I was very happy to see the continuation of Shank's adventures. Here you get more of beautiful. hand drawn, comic book style graphics, good music and sfx, satisfying action. It's bigger and better than first Shank, as it should be with any sequel. That's why it's worth getting. Shank learned some new moves, got additional weapons, and is again set to fight crimelords in order to save his friends. Shank 2 features coop play on an arena - you have to defend three crucial points against enemies who try to plant bombs there. You can play this on one screen if you have additional controller(pad), or online with random people. Game supports Steam play so it's very easy, no logging in, no looking for servers, just click'n'play.


A good 2D game

patacon | June 14, 2014 | See all patacon's reviews »

From the few games I like 2D cooperative truth, the story is very good, the graphics are also quite good although the type of game that after a while you end up boring, besides that when a friend who never juice is a great opportunity because this game will also have a local and online multiplayer, plus local split screen is not, therefore, both players play full screen. If you like 2D games I recommend you buy it and play it, and if not, I recommend you look at gameplay because you can start too like, is not the kind of traditional 2D games, I love that. 8/10


The Indie that Shanked Me

AkiMatti | May 23, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

Like the screenshots and the video probably will already tell you, Shank 2 is a sidescrolling platforming action game where you will shoot and kill more enemies than you thought possible. The genre is very old and you would think not much more can be added to it, but Shank 2 is so well executed that it will entertain even the genre veterans. It doesn't provide anything new to the genre itself, but what it does, it does very well. For even more fun, it is possible to play as a team in the coop mode. Yeah, you can guess that is makes the game even more entertaining! A solid addition to 2d sidescrolling action games. Well worth the money!


Interesting and Great Combat

weiweikee | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all weiweikee's reviews »

Shank 2 have multiple controls which are relatively easy to learn. Eventhough the animation of combat are repetitive, I think it has relatively good variety of combat animation for a side scrolling action RPG game. The story campaign mode is a good few hours of game play.There are multiple characters you can unlock through single player campaign mode. These character can be use for the multi-player co-op mode where you can play with another friend in a short & fun survival/wave clearing game. Overall, it got an interesting game even though it only got short single game play and limited multiplayer gameplay.