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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Experience the wild as a mother badger sheltering her cubs from harm. On their journey they get stalked by a bird of prey, encounter perils of the night, river rapids crossings, big forest fires and the looming threat of death by starvation.

Food is to be found, but is there enough for everyone? You will learn that the cubs need food not just to survive, but to enable them overcome the varying challenges they will face as they make their way through the world.

Are you ready for a truly different adventure, something that might evoke feelings you've never felt in a game before? In the wild, all living creatures are put to the test. The question in the end is who will survive to live another day?

Retro Family have once again composed a beautiful soundtrack to an original and graphically innovative setting in a world of nature where shelter is your only hope and survival your only goal.

Customer reviews


A Unique Adventure

bwrussell | July 8, 2014 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

In a world of clones, look-alikes, and generic brown hallways, Shelter is a breath of fresh air. Much like the fresh air your digital badger family is undoubtedly breathing as you guide them through the beautiful and often dangerous world of Shelter.

Obviously the most readily noticeable aspect of Shelter is the unique sort of washed out/watercolor/paper-craft aesthetic. It might look overly washed out in screen shots and videos but while playing it that wasn't my feeling at all. In fact there is a lot of variety between levels, scenery and color palette wise. While the game is relatively short, you can rush it in under 2 hours (not recommended) but typical length is probably 3 hours, if you're engaged it's quite tense. It does a good job of making you aware that there is danger but not directly showing it to you. It's up to you to determine what is safe and what isn't and if you let your guard down or take to big of a risk it will likely result in the death of a cub. Above all else though, finish the game. The ending has that sort of perspective shifting impact that can stick with you beyond even the context of the game. Overall Shelter is a great example as games as art, even beyond it's aesthetics and in it's mechanics and message.

Shelter is a game I think everyone should play, it's well worth the time, at least once. The standard price might be a little steep for a once-through experience so unless quirky little indies are your thing wait until you find a sale price and then absolutely jump all over it.


An artistic and engaging game, but very short.

BlockAgent | April 12, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Shelter has a very unique and enchanting art design. Little bits and pieces you will notice while playing the game will make you smile. The gameplay is engaging and the controls work well. This game makes you truly worry about your badger babies. The game is very short though. The first time I played through it I beat it with 2 out of 5 babies surviving and it only took me 1.3 hours. The game runs smoothly but has some weird flickering sometimes between levels and at the ending scene where you see your desktop for a split second a few times. Odd, but it never crashes the game.


Excellent Premise

Helicuor | Dec. 13, 2013 | See all Helicuor's reviews »

This game looked like it was going to be incredible. A game where you play as a badger, guiding her cubs to safety? Having to choose between which of your cubs to feed? A brilliant art style? It looked so promising. And true, the game delivers in many ways. The art style is brilliant; the faded world feels immersive; the flora and fuana are excellently stylized, and the game's excellent sound design draws you in. Unfortunately, the gameplay falls a little flat. Waiting and waiting for predators to leave so you can pass got stale quick. The feeding mechanic is rather pointless, as there is never a scarcity of food that it makes you choose between your cubs. Overall still a fairly good game, but it could have been so much better.


Pretty good

Bytrine | Dec. 2, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

Who knew in an era where Zombie Survival games are coming out left and right, a lone badger simulator survivor game would release. This game is very unique and I haven't enjoyed it as much as I should. You are a badger and you must take care of your offspring by feeding them and making shelter. But that's not the only danger, there are various animals who would love to eat your kids. If I could be a badger trying to survive with offspring, this is how i would imagine it. Great work, and definitely worth trying out.


Badger's Little Helper..

XGpredator | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

Despite his pitch that seems out of the parody Twitter account PeterMolydeux, the idea of ​​ embody an animal and create a virtual link is not bad, on the contrary. In practice, however, minimalism gameplay eventually cause real trouble and not particularly Shelter manages to create that famous sense of involvement. There has to be a sense of unfinished business in Shelter, a feeling that things were not pushed through. Remains an experimental aspect that will seduce the most curious.