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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"It tweaks the recipe just enough to create an uncommon shooter. The visuals set a new standard for the genre, providing sights heretofore unseen in an arcade shoot 'em up." -

"Sine Mora infuses classic shoot 'em up gameplay with time manipulation and a grim narrative that sets it apart from its peers in all the right ways." -

Sine Mora is a horizontal shoot'em up that provides a unique take on challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary presentation, Sine Mora is a gorgeous shmup that offers a Story Mode that weaves an over-the-top tale and an Arcade Mode that provides deep, satisfying gameplay to challenge fans of the genre. With many ways to manipulate time, Sine Mora features over 50 weapon combinations to complete each beautiful stage that form fits to the player's skills with scaling difficulty. Soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka and featuring boss designs by Mahiro Maeda.

Key Features:

  • Engrossing story integrated seamlessly into the action to elevate the user experience

  • Unique, time extension based gameplay

  • 7 beautifully crafted, diverse stages

  • Over 50 different weapon combinations with time manipulating devices

  • Great accessibility - Story Mode is tailored to not scare away absolute newcomers to the genre

  • Risk and reward - multiple difficulty levels in Arcade Mode with deep scoring and hidden rank system for the more experienced players

  • Music composed by Akira Yamaoka, Sound Director of Silent Hill and Shadows of the Damned

  • Featuring boss designs by Mahiro Maeda, one of the most prominent Japanese anime creators (Blue Submarine No. 6, The Animatrix - The Second Renaissance, Kill Bill: Vol. 1)

Customer reviews


Beatiful shmup.

Furrek | Sept. 17, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Every shoot-em-up game I have ever played were simply - some had flashy effects but that's all. Sine Mora is probably first game that have so beatiful graphics. Every plane, every missile, every stage and boss is well made. What's even more amazing, developers didn't focused only on making a good looking game - Sine Mora is a really hard game and you will need to spent many hours to perfect some things, and even more to unlock every possible achievement. Even though there aren't many levels, you won't get bored with them. I'd like to say, it's a must have for shmup fans. Just remember one thing, that you will need a decent mouse or gamepad for this game. I had hard times playing it on my 5 years old mouse (it was too slow for game like this) so I had to play it with gamepad.


Some old school fun

darkyhbk | June 19, 2014 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Sine Mora in itself is a very enjoyable, old school-ish bullet hell game. The biggest plus is, by far, the graphic design: absolutely gorgeous. The colour palette is chosen with great taste, the environment design is top notch, with some very artistic touches, while effects such as explosions are delightful to the eye. The levels are also quite fun for the most part, and the boss battles are intense and rewarding. Some sections are extremely hard and annoying, and require a lot of trial and error, but once you get over that, the terrible, Hungarian only voice acting and the excuse of a story, you'll have a lot of fun playing this. It's short and action packed, just the way it should be.


Fight not only bad guys, but time. LIKE, LOVE, BUY NOW.

Unbenannte | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all Unbenannte's reviews »

It’s a very good game, I would say the developers did some great innovation. For the genre (horizontal shoot’em up type) they kind of smashed all the games out there, at least in my opinion. The design, the graphics, the idea, it’s all amazing, really gives a twist to this kind of games. The story makes sense, one of the best things is having to combat with time, that’s not new, but it makes less easy the game, and more fun. Lots of weapons, lots of levels, arcade mode, bosses, and lots more. If you like the genre, then buy it NOW, you won’t be disappointed! If it’s your first game of this type, then you couldn’t be in the better place. It’s cheap, and worth it, use you GMG credit and get a discount. Hope you like it.


Space Bison

Myzery | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all Myzery's reviews »

This is a fantastic Shmup with gorgeous visuals. The main thing that stands out about this game though is being a shmup it has well crafted story. Fans of the genre know the games aren't about story so I was pleasantly surprised. I'd recommend it to any fan of the genre.


Gorgeous shmup with a dark story and stiff challenge

DashKrimson | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all DashKrimson's reviews »

I'm always up for a new arcade-style shoot-'em-up - Jamestown and Raiden Legacy, as well as far too many MAME games, in my backlog can attest to that. So, when Sine Mora was announced, I decided to take a close look at the PC version when it released. What I found was a really pretty game with a forgiving difficulty curve on Normal difficulty, a weirdly dark and gritty war story populated by furry (but the good kind of furry - don't worry, you'll understand when you play it) characters cussing each other out in Hungarian, and unfortunately, an uninspired weapon upgrade system, enlivened somewhat by the ability to control the flow of time in-game - you can slow down the rest of the game, including bullet movement, while leaving your ship at normal speed, allowing you to dodge almost anything with ease, but only for a limited time.

Also of note is the way that the story mode progresses - it doesn't follow a linear path through the story's timeline, instead joining different pilots and their missions at different points in the story, presumably as a way to get you to use all of the ships rather than just a hastily-chosen default all the way through. However, most of the ships have similar firing patterns and upgrade paths, with only their limited-quantity secondary weapons distinguishing them from each other, and it can be hard to see their hitboxes in the fiery midst of combat. Furthermore, the way that the graphics have been done, lovely though they are, tend to blend the foreground and background too much - especially bad when foreground elements can kill you - and enemy bullets can get lost in all the chaos, leading to some unfair deaths. Also, power-ups and bonus tokens that appear when certain enemies are killed can and will just as easily disappear before they can be collected, which is troublesome because you lose weapons powerups when you get hit, and have to re-collect it before it vanishes off the screen edge, often leading to you getting hit again, or colliding with the foreground obstacles, causing you to lose more powerups, making you chase them again...sometimes, it becomes a loop of death that you can't escape from, leading to some cheap deaths at the worst times (like, during boss fights).

I don't mean to be overly negative here, though - whatever the game does wrong, it does a variety of things right, like those graphics - yup, they really are that yummy. The gameplay is satisfying, with even your intital peashooter feeling powerful, some loud and flashy explosions, and secondary weapons that don't just look good, but do lots of that good damage. Plus, slowing down time makes the game look even more beautiful, as enemy bullets fan out in gorgeous danmaku patterns - we ain't talking Touhou standards here, more like Cave, but it's still a sight to behold sometimes.

Yeah, the game is (sometimes unfairly) punishing. Yeah, the loveliness of the graphics sometimes makes the game more difficult. But, when put aside the game's positive qualities - its involved, surprisingly emotional story of ethnic cleansing and revenge, its smoothness and satisfyingly bombastic effects and sounds, its sheer graphical fidelity and stunning set-pieces - these are mere trifles that shouldn't deter you from spending good money on this game and blowing everything away with glee!