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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Please Note: This is an Early Access Title


In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another. From there you’ll embark on a quest to survive, discover, explore and fight your way across an infinite universe.

You’ll encounter procedurally generated creatures and weapons, discover populated villages and abandoned temples. Explore planets dotted with dungeons, eyeball trees and treasure. Make use of over a hundred materials and over one thousand in-game objects to build a sprawling modern metropolis or a sleepy secluded cabin in the woods, and do all of it alone or with friends!

Starbound lets you live out your own story of space exploration, discovery and adventure. Settle down and farm the land, hop from planet to planet claiming resources, or make regular visits to populated settlements, taking on jobs and earning a living. NPCs are scattered about the worlds, offering quests and challenges for those looking for a little extra excitement in their lives.

Key Features:

  • 6 playable races

  • A procedurally generated universe with unlimited procedurally generated planets

  • All content available in online drop in/drop out co-op

  • Generated dungeons full of unique enemies

  • Randomly generated monsters

  • Thousands of items

  • A deep crafting system

  • PVP gameplay

  • Own and decorate your own Starship

  • Develop your own home planet

  • Menacing boss battles

  • Procedurally generated guns and melee weapons

  • Farming, hunting and survival mechanics

  • Built from the ground up to support modding

  • Ongoing free updates

  • Multi-platform multiplayer

Customer reviews


So Good!!!

friendbear70 | July 21, 2014 | See all friendbear70's reviews »

This is one of the best 2D, sandbox, exploration games since Terraria. It has all the great qualities a good games needs. Race, adventure, apes, surprise, acid, and MORE. It is so cool! You can play as 6 different races, each having their own abilities. For example, avians can jump really high. Each race has a different type of ship.

There are so many different planets to explore too. Ranking from really weak planets to really strong planets. Every planet has different monsters, all differing in strength. if you go deep enough, you can find many strange things like a frog merchant. This is a crazy fun game that every should have. This is definitely worth the 15 dollars!


Obey the Great Ape

RakuPL_Markolf | May 14, 2014 | See all RakuPL_Markolf's reviews »

Starbound is an open world 2D sandbox game with a lots of freedom and possibilities. You can freeze to death, die starving or conquer planets, galaxies or whole universe. Craft better weapons and armor, invent new technologies, construct your own house and improve your space ship. Or do whatever you want. Become Starbound!!! :-)


My analysis of Starbound!

Payaso109 | May 9, 2014 | See all Payaso109's reviews »

Well, this is my analysis of the current state of Starbound .

The basis of Starbound is great, a sandbox open world , set in a wrapped future themed Sci -Fi , with interstellar travel , adopting mechanical several genres platforms arpg , adventures, crafting and farming , among others ; is a set that achieves hook from the first minute .

Now that I managed to reach the last stage of the game , planets lvl 10 armor and weapon high , I can say about the title.

As I said earlier, the foundation on which rests Starbound , are solid and dictate , which over time, will improve a lot, like a diamond in the rough that needs polishing.

But before that , there are still many things to do ...

I feel I wanted to create a vast universe , almost infinite , with more than 1 quadrillion planets that just thinking about it , one is mouthwatering , but unfortunately , as putting us squarely , and this summary is bent just a couple planets.

My current experience, was as follows : I started on my first planet, me armed with the best I could the first solar system ( without visiting other planets ) , called to the boss , beat him and so I went to the next level , I again do the same to move forward, and so on to the last .

The problem was that once I got to the maximum in approximately 12 hours , although I still have an infinite number of planets without visiting , I find no incentive to continue traveling ... What for? What new challenge I find? ... For any more , would be the only way of discovering new towns , to steal decorative items for my home , but nothing more.

And that's a big problem that will have to solve , ie , going to have to get a carrot on our noses , to keep us as if we were rabbits looking for the unattainable.

Main and side quests, treasures and more powerful weapons of armor that can be made ; enemies of all kinds, hard to present us with a great challenge and defeat them worthwhile for "something" .

The game needs to have a goal, have a goal , something that encourages us to continue traveling around outer space they have created.

This vacuum is very present when we sat in our cockpit control and we featured a map of constellations overpopulated ... and the first thing that comes to mind is : "Where am I going? " or " What do I have to do next ? " ; and yet this is summed only to throw an imaginary dice, and pick any random planet , to find materials ; but there is no map , no line to follow, just know it started on planets lvl1 , lvl2 after , and so on up to lvl10 and not even have to travel by countless planets with planets only go to 10 different levels and can complete the game.

The beginning of the game is also a bit "weird" , started on a ship , with advanced technology, and then we have to chop down to the planet with basic peaks and hunt animals with primitive weapons . And, this would be ok , but if we would start differently ... How, as for example, we start on a planet with no ship, nor any advanced technology, then the first step would be to survive, and construct basic elements for this purpose, and eventually move forward to finally be able to build us a ship, for only then , begin our space travel.

Once we begin our travels , schedule woven system , to help us choose our destiny , for example, start receiving a signal from a planet that requires our help, go there and meet a number of missions, such as gathering resources X , end certain enemies, etc. . When we complete all missions on that planet , the village chief prompts us to our next destination , perhaps to keep looking for information about our past , as we have chosen to race , etc. ..

That mini -bosses , bosses and large enemies heads ... the top level are almost immortal , as gods , such as " Kraken : the devourer of worlds " exist , a sort of Titan it extremely difficult , and also solve mysteries of secret sects or whatever.

In short : I think Starbound has much material to work with, I hope that over time , is the dream up to give us the incentive to venture into all these planets , and our goal to go to X place , not only to collect resources or decorative objects .



skylarzz | May 2, 2014 | See all skylarzz's reviews »

Very fun little game it's similar to Terraria. I have both games and I like them very much :)!! Great for the price I bought it for $12 using the 20% discount.

The graphics are adorable and I absolutely love sandbox games (except for gmod -_-). You can go to a lot of planets and oh god this is just too much for me to handle. Buy this game here!



Edreih | April 30, 2014 | See all Edreih's reviews »

This game is simply awesome.Especially if you're a fan of Terraria, Minecraft, and sandbox games. Although it is still in early access on steam,the developers are working hard to keep updating it and getting rid of its bugs.

You will find a lot to do in this game. One of my favorite features in this game is that it has a quest system. Many quests to do, many items to find, many planets to explore. There are also many ways you can customize your character. There's a total of 7 races that will be playable which include Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, and Novakid.

The soundtrack is nice, and so are the controls. The visuals are well thought out and the animations are fluid. I particularly enjoy the pixel style.

So if you enjoy survivalcraft games such as Minecraft and Terraria, as well as space and science fiction genres, you should definitely give this game a try.