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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Enjoy the complete medieval experience in The Stronghold Collection, featuring five real-time strategy games. Create and defend your castle stronghold as you expand your lands, survey the castle life in your domain, host great jousting festivals and feasts, or conduct public executions to keep the peasantry in line.

The ultimate medieval RTS package contains:

  • Stronghold: The original castle sim that started it all

  • Stronghold 2: The King, having fled after the defeat of his own armies, now attempts to rule his country from a secret location. Powerful barons now jostle for what is fast becoming a disintegrating kingdom – it is up to you to stem the tides of their ambition and unite the land under the king again!

  • Stronghold Crusader: Journey to distant Arabian lands renowned for brave warriors and fearsome weaponry as you lead a determined group of Crusaders. Now you have the chance to relive the historic Crusades in four campaigns as Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, the Sultan of Syria.

  • Stronghold Crusader Extreme: Extreme adds on 20 new missions, new buildings, and larger armies of 10,000 troops.

  • Stronghold Legends: Lead as fantasy characters throughout history: King Arthur and the forces of Camelot, Siegfried and Dietrich in the German Ice Campaign, and unleash the fury of the forces of evil in Vlad Dracul’s Transylvania.

  • Updated for Windows 7 and Vista compatibility

Customer reviews


Definitly worth picking!

Costynha | Aug. 21, 2015 | See all Costynha's reviews »

This pack brings you Stronghold HD, Stronghold Crusader HD + Extreme, Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends. To start of, Stronghold HD and Stronghold Crusaders HD are the best ones in the series. I wish they remade this with the same mechanics but with newer graphics! Stronghold 2 Is amazing, the first 3D one, they did an amazing job with this one and it's pretty much the same has HD but in 3D but with some removed features. Stronghold Legends, well this one is Stronghold 2 but with myth creatures, I don't enjoy it that much but some people enjoy it. All of them are very well optimized on PC but they have frame limit!


Wonderful City Managment/RTS strategy games

GenoLay1 | May 2, 2015 | See all GenoLay1's reviews »

Personally, i love the stronghold games, they are a work of art. These games will run well on most computers. They provide a plethora of things to do. Yet, to summarise the main points, you must: 1. Build a stable economy within your kingdom. 2. Amass an army and an effective defense for combat. 3. work with the AI and coordinate attacks upon your enemies. All in all, this is a deal that will keep providing worthwhile gaming hours. The replay value is through the roof for these games as well. Have fun dominating all who oppose you!


Collection of Awesome games`

Kane987245 | Dec. 7, 2014 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

That is what all of this is. A collection of great games with hours of fun attached to every single one of them. Plenty of people die, and they die for you! Isn't that sweet of them? Plus they have revamped the graphics to HD quality to make their human sacrifices even more meaningful! So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the fun and watch people sell their souls for your life! Get going!


Stronghold Collection to everybody !!

zollka | Aug. 3, 2014 | See all zollka's reviews »

I really love stronghold, my favourite is classic stronghold. The best game where you can buil your own little castle, and defend it with lot of knights and archers. The crusader extreme is good too , you can command a big army , thousands of people die for you :D if you love strategy games than try this one. it have a good price too so have fun to all :D


Stronghold Collections. more like Awesome Collections

thejimmycan | April 14, 2014 | See all thejimmycan's reviews »

I played stronghold games as a kid and the HD remakes are exactly that. The graphics are completely up to date and stunning, at least compared to the normal version. From this bundle I truly recommend Stronghold Crusader and Extreme, you'll spend countless hours on it's dozens of missions. The controls are smooth and the game play is (in my opinion) better than the civilization games. It's not turned based so you have to make quick decisions on the spot, which gets harder when you play the extreme. I completely recommend this game to anyone.