Super Chain Crusher Horizon

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Super Chain Crusher Horizon on PC screenshot #2
Super Chain Crusher Horizon on PC screenshot #3
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Blow away all standards with shooting on a galactic scale! Super Chain Crusher Horizon is a side scroll shooter that can be summed up with the following phrases: “The Biggest Game in the History of the World,” “The Longest Gauge Ever” and just plain “Incredible.”


  • The Largest... Absolutely enormous! The largest screen in history! 3200x800 pixels! If your total screen resollition not enough 3200x800 screen would be reducted.

  • Incredible... Incredibly long explosion chains! Fun is the essence of games, and these incredibly long explosion chains look even better on this sweeping display! The largest and longest screen in history isn’t simply for visual impact, but to greatly heighten the joy of games!

  • The Longest... The longest charge shot gauge in the history of gaming! At the bottom of the screen is a staggeringly long charge shot gauge! Of course, the explosion from when you’ve filled the gauge to the max is without a doubt the largest explosion in the history of gaming! Revolutionary...

  • A new type of two player mode! This two-player simultaneous play mode breaks the format of normal play where each player flies the same ship. The first player pilots the standard ship with same keyboard or game pad, but the second player assists, piloting a type of ship that lays mines with the mouse.

  • This style of two-player mode is enjoyable even if there is a big difference in the skills of the two players. This is a new type of two-player mode where playing with two players is definitely better than playing with one.

  • It Solves the Problems of Most Shoot ‘em Ups... With high score competitions, players’ skills improve as the length of play time increases. It may take one hour to put out a personal record, but when you see the online ranking, the scores are far higher. For people who play that much, you can see the amount of time required to put out this score. Thus, the length of time required is disheartening, so you stop playing, and become one of many people who don’t have an interest in score competition games.

  • With SPECIAL MISSIONS, in 3 to 5 minutes, you can challenge your score in an extremely short amount of time, and this solves the fatal problem held by most competitive scoring games.

  • Logic bomb ultra techno trans music ! King of trans ,very famouse trans musician Logic Bomb compose all music. Total music length is over 60 minute ! It's just same as albumn. Now Logic bomb latest albumn "The Grid" is sale for $22.

  • Online Leaderboards You can use the Online Rankings by logging into Gamer Universe,we developed game ranking system. We are also developing Friend Registration between users and Achievements.

  • Mod support The graphics in this game can be replaced with graphics provided by the user. Modding materials are included in root of game folder.. An infinite universe lies in the palm of your hands!

Customer reviews


Good R-Type style shooter

Cavalieroscuro | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

If you like the R-Type series, Super Chain Crusher Horizon is a must. You must fights your way over thousand enemies, making a huge, colossal kill chain, that will create BIGGER explosions. To help you on your quest, take a friend with you and blast the galaxy away. The game can run at the highest resolution of 3200x800, creating a visual stun effect. If you like the genre, this is one of the best shooter at the moment. Every single cent of his price it's worth it!


Great shooter!

Darder | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Darder's reviews »

This game is not very well known, but it is such a pearl I wonder why it stays underground!

I bought this game and never stopped playing since. Outstanding re playability, great graphics and tons but tons of fun! I just love to make everything go KABOOM!

I played the 2 player mode with one of my friend, and he loved it so much he decided to buy the game for himself, too. With the modding potential avaible in this game, anybody that buys it will always be pleased... At least visually, since that's the main thing you can change.

And the leader board available for this game just adds the final icing on the cake, the little cherry on the sundae. As with all shooters, having a way to compare your skill to others is always nice and this game is no exception. Overall, great game.