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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Super Sanctum TD is a retro-styled Tower Defense game that focuses on strategy, customization and replayability. Build advanced mazes and construct powerful towers to prevent alien hordes from reaching the Core! When the aliens swarm your maze and everything seems lost, use active abilities like Air Strike and Freeze to tilt the battlefield to your advantage!

Strategy and skill are leading principles of Super Sanctum TD. Carefully choose your loadout of towers and active abilities before each level to make sure you can handle everything that will be thrown at you. Each battle is rewarded depending on your performance, and you can use these rewards to gain access to Perks that let you tweak and specialize your strategies even more!

Key Features:

  • Carefully plan your maze to master the game on all difficulties.

  • Towers like Gatling, Flamer and the Automatic Crowd Pummeler, all with their own individual strengths.

  • Intercept enemies from reaching the Cores with active abilities like Smart Bomb and Gravity Shift!

  • Vast perk system that lets you specialize specific towers, abilities, and more!

  • Prove yourself as the ultimate Core defender by defeating the game on all difficulties and game modes.

  • Square up against the best for a spot on the leaderboard by putting your deadliest strategies to the test in Survival Mode!

Customer reviews


Recommended. Not a perfect game, a. Not bad.

StefaNob99 | Oct. 11, 2014 | See all StefaNob99's reviews »

A good and addictive 2D tower defense, if you have played sanctum games, you will enjoy a lot more. Lots of thing to unlock (units,actives and passives skills, maps...), 2 games dificulties and survival mode on each map. I recommend it, the price is not bad.


Nice tower defense game

Riscas21 | Oct. 2, 2014 | See all Riscas21's reviews »

Very good and addicting game, with an awesome level system, a must have for tower defense lovers, however it gets a little boring through the levels, but it's still awesome, I liked it a lot.


Good Game

jonathanmr | Sept. 19, 2014 | See all jonathanmr's reviews »

This game is addicting. It's nothing especially fancy but it's loads of fun! 8.5/10 Pros: Great TD format with a very open ended setup for lots of strategic options. Variety of enemies to account for and lots of calculations to make for how to dispatch everything at once. Survival mode that keeps you coming back for more. Cons: You can only select an arsenal of 4 different tower types per stage. Your level caps at 30 for some reason. I was really hoping to see it go higher. Most towers I could find very little use for. (HINT: your flamers pretty much beat everything) It may have been patched by now, but I found some towers, in large numbers, would make the game crash.


a bit old but still good TD

kawette | Sept. 2, 2014 | See all kawette's reviews »

In Super Sanctum TD we can find the universe of Sanctum 1 & 2. Indeed there are almost the same monsters and a few different towers. It is not only a pure Tower defense because you can use some spells to slow or kill the enemies. That's why it can be quite hard at the beginning, you have to handle both aspects of the game to win. Actually, i got stuck in the 2nd island and I had to farm lower levels to get some upgrades. I won't say it's a great TD but it's good enough for its price.


Better than expected

TBlackWolfT | July 11, 2014 | See all TBlackWolfT's reviews »

TD games are usually the same thing over and over again, but this one isn't. You get more freedom of where you want to build. If you build correctly, you can cause the enemies to take a long time getting through. This game has a decent amount of maps and enemies to take on. The difficulty rises as you get through the game, but never gets overly difficult. It also adds in some nice spells you're able to use such as, freezing your enemies, knocking them back, even blowing them up! I really enjoyed this game and I think you would enjoy it the same.