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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Survivor Squad is a Strategy Action game where you control a Squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world looking for supplies to aid you on your journey.

Scavenge for supplies in every corner of every building, craft your gear, pick your skills and loadout while keeping your Squad alive by covering every corner and moving as a group.

It is a game that encourages quick thinking and fast paced play since you need to pay attention to all of your squad mates. If you leave someone behind, chances are they will be pounced on and die. Move as a Squad and cover every corner.

Key Features:

  • Control your Squad with the mouse carefully planning where each Survivor goes to and where to look. The Survivors have a limited view range so it is vital to ensure you are looking where the infected will most likely come from.

  • Certain events require you to move around a building while fighting off a horde, you must keep a close eye on your squad or they will perish one by one.

  • Various types of Special Infected have abilities such as Blinding Powder or Acid Pool that encourage you to quickly move your Survivors while making sure they are never alone

  • In campaign mode you can capture infected buildings that generate resources but must be defended from horde invasions.

  • Play through a highly randomized world following a simple storyline with unique events and a conclusion.

  • Score based mode, go through as many randomly generated buildings as you can never looking back.

  • Equip your Survivor Squad with a limited budget and take them through a collapsed Lab. Good micro management of your Squad is essential to your survival.

Customer reviews


Good but doesn't stand out

Lorddyran | Nov. 7, 2014 | See all Lorddyran's reviews »

It's a top-down shooter with some survival/strategy elements. The graphical presentation is underwhelming but serviceable. The gameplay works but does nothing fantastic. The writing is just enough to keep things moving along but not actually interesting. It's very middle-of-the-road, in other words. Get it cheap and you'll be able to enjoy it for a little while. Don't get it at all, and you won't really be missing anything.


Reminds of a game

Zaffer1Abbas | Oct. 28, 2014 | See all Zaffer1Abbas's reviews »

"Survivor Squad" reminds me of some game I played back in 2005 but I am fan of zombies and bloody stuff and this is a must-play if you got 2-3 computers in your house and there's nothing better then ditching your friends in-trouble(not in real-life tho) and watch them rage . The single-player wasn't really fun maybe give us something better then just finding survivors , finding resources , crafting weaponry , attacking lab (or something). I don't really have anything against the graphic(really) but cmon! make the characters something more then I usually see in flash games found on internet and maybe make them look at one place even if there are zombies coming(add option or something) which will make it even harder , challenging and don't forget the rage .


Must play with friends.

Freako | Jan. 11, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

Definitely a game to buy but mainly to play with friends. This game playing alone can get you bored after 1hour at most. It is mainly just a slaughter fest a place to grind down zombies. There are plenty free games out there with this kind of game play. But the only thing that stand out would be multiplayer. This game has fun multiplayer because you can survive with your friends together to get the job done it's fun. Gameplay is great with friends graphics wise would be dependent on individuals taste for graphic style.