The Void

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When one gives up living and using his soul, he can’t only lose the soul but can also devote it to death… Before souls completely die they stick in The Void – an odd space between life and death. There is an outside chance to survive in The Void and even to come back from it. This chance is The Color – the only food of a dying soul wandering through the mournful realms of The Void, governed by monstrous Brothers and malicious Sisters, who are desperately struggling for the last drops of it. The Color is not only the sense of life of these mysterious creatures but also gives power and vital force to the whole Void. The Color gives you power to do almost everything even to get out of death clutches if you gain enough Color, but there is a great lack of it in the arid deserts of The Void. There is Color only for one.
Be the one, get your lost soul back!


  • The Color is the only resource in the game: it acts as the health, inventory, skills and perks system, armoury.
  • All in-game actions are realized through drawing. You literally need to draw your way with your own blood.
  • Each Color can cause both harm and good. A player gets various advantages from getting any of The Colors, but when he draws with it he feeds the enemy forces of the world.
  • Fight with golems, bloodthirsty predators and other spawns of The Void.

Customer reviews


A star that shines and burns

ccccp | July 23, 2013 | See all ccccp's reviews »

A game of a rare intelligence ! But how can you judge a fabulous, very original game, that is probably a bit too hard? I am almost tempted to remove points, as the level of difficulty is extreme. But ultimately no, because this game mixes brillantly reflection, poetry and originality. The principle is the one of a terribly addictive game. By cons, it is almost necessary to visit forums related to the title to move forward when you're stuck (and possibly resort to cheat codes left by the developers to reduce the difficulty). Anyway, if a poetic reflection adventure tempts you, so do not hesitate any longer. You might love the colors like never before!


A game that wants you die

lok0812 | July 3, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game is difficult, but not because you are overwhelmed by monsters or quests. The game just wants you to die and not to mention it provides no hints or tutorial on what to do even though it might be a good point for players who actually wants to learn the game with no hints or help. Most of the time it is just too much and you will be lost instantly. This game really require a lot of time to learn and play through in order to know what is going on. Give it a try if you have plenty of time and want to learn an adventure game.


Innovative gameplay

Lekes | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Amazing genre-breaking gameplay experience that will keep you coming back for more. The Void is a journey of constant learning and discovery. It's a bit frustrating until you realize that the game won't hold your hand, that you have to figure out a lot of things yourself. In the end though, you'll feel more free than in any "sandbox" game. Its gameplay is like nothing you've ever seen before and yet it doesn't feel broken or poorly put together. It's a solid experience that will change the way you look at mainstream games.


Weird, unusual, but very good game

Guardian412 | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

The Void is a very-very strange game with a brilliant and very unique game mechanic and a unique world and story to discover. The game starts right after your death. Somewhere between heaven and hell, there is a world, known as the Void and this is your new home. As the newest resident, you'll have to adapt to this new "life", while you have to face with the older residents, the Brothers and Sisters, and complete their sometimes so strange wishes and sometimes sick desires. The game is difficult, requires great tactics and timing in actions at many times, and there is a chance that you won't survive the first days during the first tries. But if you listen to the tutorial, which is highly adviced, and if you get the real taste of The Void, there is a chance that you'll love it. The graphics is a bit old, yet its still requiring a better rig, but its a graphic which is perfectly fit for this game and its so strange atmosphere. The Void is not for everyone, and honestly when I played it for the very-very first time, it lasted on my rig for 30 minutes, but mostly because it was so strange and new and I didn't have the patience to understand it, to learn how to play. But then, on a gray afternoon, when I gave another chance for the game, followed the tutorial and started to understand how the game mechanic works, I started to love the game. So, as I said it is not for everyone, but it is for those who love unique and challenging games and love to learn and discover new, non-mainstream worlds and games.



lucasart | Oct. 2, 2012 | See all lucasart's reviews »

The Void is a video game much deeper than average. A lot of complexity is enhanced by a philosophical background that drives the moves of the player and put them up in discussion, both in terms of game mechanics that the real plot, developing in an unexpected way. The guys from Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of the controversial and fascinating Pathologic can be no doubt counted among those few who try to push the videogame medium over the threshold of tech toy. The Void of course is not for everyone and requires, especially in the beginning, the will to deal with a product from the original gameplay that bases its appeal on the presentation more than action and asks the player to make choices often problematic for lead him to one of the thirteen different endings.