Three Dead Zed

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"Three Dead Zed is a great first release from Gentleman Squid Studio, and we really wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. A fresh take on a tired genre." -

It's no secret the government wants to weaponize the dead. Just look at how many zombie games there are! But this time, it's all different. You are the project. You are the zombie. Unlike the thousands of other zombies, you're a bit smarter. You don't just run about aimlessly looking for your next meal. You can understand speech and can take orders. Project Z.E.D. has finally broken through and made a zombie into a potential weapon. In addition to understanding, you are imbued with the ability to change form, switching between zombie abilities.

During one training session, a voice talks to you directly. Not over an intercom, but directly into your skull with telepathy. Who is this mysterious force talking to you? What do they want with you? And what's the deal with all these cats???

  • You play the Zombie.
  • Change into two other zombies.
  • Hand drawn artwork.
  • Cats with tin foil hats!
  • Bizarre comedy.
  • No DRM!

Customer reviews


Good concept but bad control

tjfoo | Nov. 11, 2012 | See all tjfoo's reviews »

You play as a zombie and can change three different forms. The story, graphics and sound are decent. However, the controls are terrible. It's not responsive (especially when climbing walls). Also, you might die and return to previous checkpoint when changing one form to the other (not sure why, probably a glitch?). Overall, it is a decent, original platformer but bad controls ruin the fun.



hellinperson | June 23, 2012 | See all hellinperson's reviews »

Three Dead Zed is a zombie comic-styled platformer. It is a refreshing and innovative game. It's pretty fun, but the controls may turn you down , specially in the later levels, where it gets really frustrating to control the zombie. Sound is decent. This game has a lot of personality of its own.