Tryst: Premium Edition

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Tryst: Premium Edition includes the Base game plus all future DLC, when they are released.

Tryst is a competitive Real Time Strategy Game that aims to provide a unique, fast paced spin to the established strategy model that combines player choice with unit customization.

War has erupted on the lonely planet of Ishtonia IV. Humans and a sentient, mechanical alien race known as the Zali – former collaborators in the mining and processing of the rare compound, Lohum – now see each other as threats to their continued existence on the planet both had so tenuously shared.

Guide reluctant Overseer Oliver Petrovich and Rebel leader Aeryn Ozarr through the campaign where they witness the war breakout and fight their way through the madness to try and understand the cause of the sudden hostilities. What both have yet to realize is that they’re witnessing history, creating it, and somewhere down the line a tryst with destiny awaits.

Or else, wade into multiplayer as either the Ishtonian Alliance or the Zali, fighting for control over resources while trying to outwit your opponent and survive the worst Ishtonia can throw at you.

Key Features:

  • Competitive RTS Multiplayer:

    Supports upto 8 players with score tracking.

  • Consequences:

    Both Single and Multi-player feature choices that aren’t always obvious at first but can still affect gameplay down the line.

  • Unique Character Abilities and Upgrades:

    Every unit in Tryst comes with its own unique set of abilities and upgrades to choose from.

  • Environmental Hazards:

    Don’t let the maps fool you… They’re not just playing fields. They’ll take every opportunity to strike back at you.

  • Keep on Going:

    You don’t have to worry about player who go offline or have to leave in the middle of a game. They’ll be replaced with competent AI immediately.

  • And Comebacks:

    For multiplayer, while choices do bear consequences, both good and bad, there is always a chance for a comeback. How? See feature 1!

  • Unigine Graphics Engine:

    State of the art visuals powered by the Unigine engine.

Customer reviews


$5 for all future DLCs. Worth it?

Tholdor | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Tholdor's reviews »

Nobody has a single idea, as this can either be an extremely good deal or disappointingly bad. Even if $5 isn't that much for most people, it would still be a bad move Blue Giant if they disappoint. Alright, with that out of the way, time to talk about the game per se. If you've played famous titles like Warcraft 3, Starcraft and Age of Empires, you're already familiar with the term RTS, or Real-time Strategy. Tryst is just like that, upgraded graphics-wise and with some new mechanics. There's a killer environment (literally), plenty of units, a good multiplayer, and your standard sci-fi plot. Just a note: while I saw some reviewers out there disliking the russian accents for killing immersion, I beg to differ: As some characters are of Russian descent (implied by their names) the accents are perfectly in place.