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Arktech. Some die for it – everyone kills for it.

Join a futuristic online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology. Hunt alone or with others as you improve your skills and level up unlocking powerful weapons that will help you survive the massive battles that await.

Key Features:

  • Lead the charge in huge co-op battles and fierce multiplayer conflicts across an immersive world.

  • Fight for survival in a constantly evolving environment with regular content updates and dynamic events.

  • Create a unique character with diverse looks and broad perk and power choices.

  • Level up and modify a wide variety of modern and alien weaponry.

  • Use a variety of vehicles to explore a vast landscape transformed by alien technology.

  • Impacts and is impacted by the Defiance TV series.

Customer reviews


Fun Open World MMO to play with friends

Highlander9782 | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

Haven't watched the TV show but the game is pretty fun when playing with friends. The map is very large and you can customize your character to look human or an alien which have special abilities such as cloaking or creating a decoy of themselves. You can travel to your friends location pretty quickly and can ride around using vehicles such as dune buggies. Tons of weapons to choose from and lots of skills to unlock to keep you playing for a long time. Haven't seen a large variety of enemies, usually the same 4 types of enemies with some nice boss battles thrown in and missions can be repetitive. Graphics are good, voice narration ain't too great. If you like Borderlands, you will like this game.


Has it's ups and downs,

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

When I first saw gameplay of this MMO, I was amazed. It's visually stunning, and looked fantastic. The combat is really great and parts from other MMO's greatly. There is a large community and a large array of weapons, armor, and other gear scattered throughout the world. However, there are many downfalls to this game. The voice acting and face animations are HORRIBLE. The faces seem so stiff when they speak, and the hand gestures and body movement does not go with whatever they're talking about. The voice acting doesn't always fit the character, and the dialogue is boring, confusing, and has many loopholes. This game also has quite a bit of bugs that can sometimes make this game unbearable to play. If you can play this game without caring for acting or animations, play for the combat as Trion Worlds hit it spot on.


Fun game, good story, several minor bugs keep from being great

nekogunner | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all nekogunner's reviews »

Over the few months since I've purchased Defiance, and I'm happy with it. The story is solid with some funny lines that make for a few good laughs: 'who is this really hot girl and why is she yelling at me"? Once you've beaten the story though, like many other MMO's you can remain for either the PvP or the gear treadmill. However, as there are no "raids" just a handful of 4 player co-op maps (closest thing to dungeons when comparing to say WoW), the motivation is different. Your want better weapons to kill things master and because they do cool stuff.

The way weapons function has been overhauled since launch as has the chat system, but it still needs work. Most major bugs have been squashed, but a few annoying ones,keep the game from being a truly immersive experience all the time. However, as a game that you only need to purchase once to get most of current experience, there is little to complain about.

The season pass may be worth it in the future, but currently if the future DLC is similar to what has been released, is is worth waiting on. The game itself being only $10 now however, makes for a great deal IMO.

If you like sci-fi shooters and want a good story with a bit of team play dropped in with a pinch of dynamic events, then get this game. If not,move on, you aren't missing anything special.


Great combat, but very little content

Vidiz | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all Vidiz's reviews »

Defiance is an interesting game. It's an MMO with many of the traditional MMO perks, but it also has a combat system that holds up against most third person shooters. The shooting feels solid, and the skills you have available add a fun element to the combat. The Ark Falls are one of the highlights of the game. They're events that spawn randomly in the world and provide a chaotic experience as you and dozens of other players take down waves of enemies and in major Ark Falls, a boss at the end.

However, the rest of the game is lacking. The PvP is nothing special and you'd find better elsewhere. The loot system has problems too, it is confusing to new players and you can go a long time without finding the type of weapon that suits you. While they are fun the first few times, the co-op missions available are grindy and not very difficult and they suffer from poor AI. The AI is a traditional MMO AI which works well in MMO's like Rift and Guild Wars, it does not work well in a third person shooter. They're unintelligent and just not fun. Lastly, the UI is just all round poor and not very pleasant to use on a keyboard and mouse.

Overall there is some fun to be had from the game and if you have some friends you will have more fun than you would alone but there is simply not enough content to keep you playing past the twenty or thirty hour mark.


Great Story

teamcanuck | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all teamcanuck's reviews »

Defiance does do some things well. Although the Graphics are horribly optimized for the console versions, the PC version looks and plays stunningly. The controls aren't that bad, though the lack of a head-shot mechanic has been noticed by nearly everyone I know who plays. It uses a liberal dashing of character customization, which although deep for a Shooter, fails miserably for a MMO and as for gear quite simply: everyone has the same 4 sets of gear. Unacceptable.

Trion is trying, hard, to shore up the problems with this game, though my main issue is it feels like they took what was fun about Rift and threw it half-ready into a shooter. They've been pretty much putting out daily updates on how they're doing and we've known since the day of launch that today's update was coming.

The story and Arkfalls are easily the best features here, but the Arkfalls are just total clones of the rifts in Rift. They even have the stages, bonus modes and bosses that the rifts in Rift have, although they've been re-skinned to a boring meteor fragment instead of an imposing looking rift. Then you have the fact that currently, the Arkfalls give no loot other than ammo, yeah, what's the point in doing them if there's barely any reward?!

The User Interface is clunky and confusing, and will take you time to get fully used to. Everything with this game seems to go out of it's way to force you to try too hard to get it to work or get to the feature, as all the important menus seem buried in a web of other, less important menus.

It's sad that a story as good as Defiance's will be dragged though the mud by being paired with a game that's horribly unfinished, and plays poorly. The game forces you to EGO 5000 for "endgame" but lacks any real reason to be there; there's no raiding content and you find yourself going though the motions in the same few dungeons.

Outside story, graphics and vehicles, this is a poorly designed game, which saddens me because I still love Rift. It's sadly amusing that while in Rift, Defiance players have had to log in and start chatting about what they're doing in that game, because Defiance's chat works horribly. There's almost no MMO features to this game: no guild leveling system, no guild banks, no personal banks, no mail system. If you want a pure story shooter, I can barely recommend Defiance, but for anyone looking at a MMO, I'd close the Defiance website quickly.