The Elder Scrolls® Online: Imperial Edition

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The Elder Scrolls® Online: Imperial Edition includes:

  • 30 days included game time

  • Digital Imperial Edition items:

  • Play as an Imperial

    Become an Imperial and play in any Alliance. Gain unique bonuses, crafting styles, gear and more.

  • Imperial White Horse

    Summon this exclusive Imperial mount and journey through Tamriel with increased speed.

  • Craft Imperial Gear

    Ability to craft Imperial style when crafting gear.

  • Transform Into Imperial Gear

    Transform any gear you own into Imperial styled gear.

  • Rings of Mara

    Complete the Ritual of Mara with a friend and receive an experience bonus when you play together.

  • Mudcrab Vanity Pet

    Explore Tamriel with this exclusive vanity pet scuttling along by your side.

Return to Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, the latest chapter of the award-winning series, and bring the legendary experience online for the first time.

Explore the vast world with friends or embark upon an epic adventure alone — the choices you will make will shape your destiny.

Key Features:


    Adventure in Tamriel with your friends and guild mates for the first time ever.


    Develop your own style with deep character customization and abilities.


    Fight for your alliance against enemy armies of hundreds across the battlefields of Cyrodiil.


    Unravel the schemes of Molag Bal and protect the world from the dark forces of Oblivion.

Customer reviews


A solid Elder Scrolls MMO experience

Jennifur_Vultee | Dec. 31, 2014 | See all Jennifur_Vultee's reviews »

Don't let the old reviews of ESO fool you, many of the issues from the launch have been patched, the gold farming bots were completely done away with months ago and the new content and bug fixes happen regularly. I've played since the beta, early access and still happily pay Zenimax $15 a month because I enjoy ESO and I like playing a TES title with my friends.

Are there problems with ESO? Sure. Class balance and skills are still being tweaked to find a balance for PVP, there are times the ping rate jumps for no apparent reason but overall my experience with ESO has been very good. Since April I've encountered only three broken quests and Zenimax has fixed them promptly.

Combat has been smooth and fluid for the most part, its more action oriented so don't expect to stand in one spot spamming, use strategy and the proper use of your skills or die regularly. You can tab target to lock onto a specific enemy but frankly I never use it. You don't get several bars with 20 skills to choose get 5 slots for skills plus one for your ultimate attack so choose your skills carefully and change them to meet the situation at hand. At level 15 you do get a second weapon slot with 5 more skills that you can flip to at any time even in combat so if you equip the same weapon to both slots that's a total of 10 useable skills for one weapon. Personally I prefer to use two different weapon sets like sword and shield flipping to a restoration staff for example.

If you like questing and good story telling you'll like ESO, if you hate questing you'll feel like its a "grind" completing quests but I personally do enjoy the quests and stories they tell. The main quests are all solo instanced so you won't see 10 other people while doing your main quests competing for the same quest goals as you. There are public group dungeons and instanced 4 person party dungeons that can be very challenging to complete.

If you like MMOs and you like The Elder Scrolls you'll probably like ESO.


Not Worth it

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

I mean, I like this game, it's great, in fact, and I LOVED being a tester of it, but when I saw this "Special Edition" pack that literally gives you nothing for a lot more money, why even bother. The game is already way too expensive a year, and then having to buy an "Imperial Edition" with a new race to play as is one of the dumbest bonus editions ever added to a game. I love the Elder Scrolls, and it is literally one of my favorite game series of all time, but this game is one big money grab for the experience that you could get from Skyrim (just without the other people) Honestly, really think through this before you want the "Special Edition" because I'm a die hard Elder Scrolls fan, and I'm not even going to consider this.



MadTucks | July 15, 2014 | See all MadTucks's reviews »

I supported the game, played the beta, pre-ordered the imperial edition, and all I can say is that the game is decent. It's your standard theme park mmo but with voice-acting. That's about it. You're better off playing World of Warcraft or just about any other mmo that has more features than this. If you're into the TES series, go ahead and play it, but I can assure you that you'll feel jipped of your money for spending so much money on this game. The game isn't bad, but it certainly doesn't do anything new or exciting.



PinkBunnyShadow | May 22, 2014 | See all PinkBunnyShadow's reviews »

This version is no different than the standard. It opens up the Imperial class, a horse and a few other perks. Nothing special other then that.


Maybe if it didn't have a subscription...

Kevduit | May 17, 2014 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

Don't get me wrong, this game lives up to the hype, and plays just like any other good Elder Scrolls game would, but they actually did something to get kids (well at least the not spoiled brat kids) off this M rated game, to let the people that actually have a job make the money to pay for the subscription. Which gets me to my only problem, the game is MASSIVELY fun, exploration, looting, fighting, it has it all... including an annoying subscription that is a little too much. If you are willing to pay to play this game, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic experience, but overall, the subscription turned me away from it.