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Customer notes

Requires an account on The Secret World website.


"This is a game that turns an entire genre on its head and lives to tell the tale." -

"The most fundamental aspects of moment-to-moment interaction fail to engage, and this is the unfortunate first impression that could push players to a more immediately fun game. Sadly, the wonderful flexibility and challenge of the Secret World is lost on anyone that quits early on." -

Hidden within our modern-day world is a secret world. A world where every myth, legend, and conspiracy is true. The world is about to discover that the terrors that have plagued our nightmares are all real. United in the fight against the darkness stand three secret societies: the Dragon, the Templars, and the Illuminati. Recruited to become agents for these societies – the players – can take on any role they want in the battle against the rising darkness. Dark days are coming. Everything is true.


  • Conspiracies, Myths and Legends – Everything is true. A real-world, modern-day MMO reaching into legends and myths that unravels as the player progresses. Explore locations across the globe from London to New England, New York to Egypt, and from Seoul to Transylvania.

  • No Classes, no levels – Be who you want to be, and play how you want to play. Hundreds of abilities and powers are available as you evolve your character without traditional level or class restraints.

  • Join a Secret Society and fight in the Secret War with thousands of other players. As a member of the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars - fight together against the rising tide of darkness or battle against other players in massive PvP warzones.

  • Epic storyline and missions. Unravel mysteries and conspiracies in one of the most engrossing stories ever told in an MMO, told through groundbreaking mission gameplay and overarching storyline.

  • Incredible graphics. Enjoy ground-breaking graphics as The Secret World sets new standards for MMO visuals.

Customer reviews


Fans of The World of Darkness will love it!

Shaide | April 16, 2015 | See all Shaide's reviews »

The secret world has been out for quite some time, and I have been playing it for what seems like ever(Though, I am a slow player so am not very far in the game.) The game is made by Funcom, which is also the company responsible for Age of Conan. However, keep in mind that TSW is nothing like AoC! Doesn’t matter if you love conan, or despise it! The games are two completely different animals! TSW reminds me a little of White Wolfs, “World of Darkness” storytelling series, in that it takes place in a world, much like ours, except the monster stories you heard about as a child, are real. Things do go bump in the night, and that monster you thought was living in your closet? He probably was there and might have even had a family.. You choose one of three different factions, However the factions don’t really have much impact on your game, aside from preference. You still can interact with other factions, and even group up with them. You still hunt in the same zone as the other factions, and you even do the same tutorial level. The only real limits is that Cabals(Guilds) are faction based. The game it’s self has a deep and involved storyline that, depending on the area you are in, is inspired from various authors ranging from King to Lovecraft. Fans of horror games will find so much to love about this title. The controls are different from other MMORPGs, and it makes no attempt to be an Everquest clone like every other MMORPG out there(I’m looking at you World of Warcraft!). This is a double-edged sword, in that it might make people who are afraid of new things hesitant to try this unique and remarkable title, but it also forges its own identity, which is important for not just any game, but any product. The controls and combat isn’t the only thing different in this game, as I said it’s a unique experience, and has an identity all on its own. Yes, you do engage in combat, though more often than not, you will find yourself solving puzzles, using google as a research tool, and trying to solve mysteries that surround you, because like in the real world, not everything can be solved with violence. The game is technically free to play, though you do have to buy the game(Sort of like Guildwars and guildwars2), so you don’t HAVE to worry about monthly costs, which is a bonus if you are a gamer like me, that doesn’t have a whole lot of free extra time on his hands. When you get some spare time, just hop in and play. Easy as that. Bottom line, this is a game you should have in your collection. No matter what type of gamer you are, I am willing to bet you will find something in this title to keep you entertained.


Ia! Ia! Funcom f'taghn!

MadDemon64 | Dec. 29, 2014 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

The Secret World is a game that more people need to play. Taking place in a fictional contemporary, The Secret World has you join one of three secret societies in order to fight eldritch horrors and demonic entities in an attempt to save the world while ensuring that your secret society will control it. The Secret World is every conspiracy theorist, Lovecraft enthusiast, and cipher decoder’s wet dream, all rolled into one. You join the Illuminati, Templars, or Dragon and try to fend off zombies, werewolves, and elder gods in various locales. Along the way you will be given quests that test your combat, sneaking, and research skills. In one quest you might fight off fish people or deliver a package, in another you will find yourself sneaking past cannibals in an underground parking lot, and in yet another you will need to translate a cryptic latin phrase to determine which objects go into which sockets to unlock a door. The Secret World has atmosphere by the truckload. When you visit the first quest area of Kingsmouth (Lovecraft fans will recognize this as a not so subtle reference to the town of Innsmouth), you will be beset by fog, zombies, and the Draugr, ancient mutated Vikings that are neither alive nor dead and look like an amalgamation of human and rotten seafood. The scenery and well done cutscenes invest you into what’s going on. The combat system and skills are very divisive and can either make or break your experience. It is recommended that you do research into them before playing the game. The same can be said about the cipher missions, but those you can either solve on your own or use a guide to solve. If you can get past or get into these two aspects, are a fan of cutscene heavy MMOs, and love Lovecraft, then this game is for you.


An interesting ride,

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

Though this game isn't widely known and didn't receive as many players as expected at launch, it certainly is worth playing. You are someone who is thrown into a world of myth, legend, and mystery. Imagine every nightmare, monster, and fairy tale were true, this is what The Secret World offers. You choose from a few factions which tailor the NPC's, weapons, and outfits. Though the combat is restricted to hotkeys, gets repetitive and boring, the visuals and cosmetics of the combat moves are done very well. However, you need a very good PC to play this. Which is rare for an MMORPG. Lastly, there are many varieties of weaponry and you have a lot of customization and flexibility with your skills and how you'd like to use them.


Something old, something new-ish

LightningMelon | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all LightningMelon's reviews »

Very little in the Secret World truly covers new ground. The combat is hot-key button pressing, the story is often awkward and is usually more interesting for the atmosphere and setting than for individual encounters. But that atmosphere drives the game forward in a way that you might not expect. You'll want to stick around to uncover whatever the next eldritch horror is, because it usually is pretty freaky stuff. In addition, while much of the game might not be truly exceptional, it's never bad either. The combat is reasonably fun, the leveling system is wonderfully open-ended, and the game has a good sense of scale. It might not be the next best evolution in MMO game design, but given the cheap entry price (and lack of subscription fee!), if the subject matter interests you at all, definitely check it out!


One of the best MMO's out there

sheogorath98 | Oct. 10, 2013 | See all sheogorath98's reviews »

Totally immersive and fun, The Secret World is one of the most enjoyable experiences i have ever had the joy of playing in my gaming life. I've sunk almost 40 hours into it and I've only had it for a week. The storytelling is broad, and they way you grow your character without leveling is a really refreshing take on an old system. Storyline is good, but I wish you could feel less alone most of the time. The storyline is full of solo instances in which you must leave your group behind, and it really takes you out of the fun of playing an MMO for a few minutes. Other than that, no complaints. Totally worth the price, and highly recommended.