Bookworm Adventures (NA)

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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.


Battle through books and test your vocab valor!

Build words and battle monsters in this spelling sensation from PopCap! Lex, the world’s greatest literate invertebrate, needs your help to form words from random letters to rescue his kidnapped friend, Cassandra. With a great word, you’ll give Lex the strength to take out even the toughest monsters!

Survive three mythic storybooks as you vanquish over 150 villains. Boost your word power with fantastic gems, potions and magical treasures. Plus, you can enhance your adventure with magnificent mini-games and brilliant bonus modes. It’s the ultimate test of vocabulary valor!

Key Features:

  • Downloadable Game of the Year (AIAS, 2006)

  • Conquer 3 spellbinding storybooks and fight over 150 foes

  • Master magical mini-games and the fast-paced Arena mode

  • Challenging fun for word masters and casual spellers alike!

  • Unlock the Tome of Knowledge and tons of bonus features!

  • Increase your word power with fantastic gems, potions and treasures!

  • Spell, excel and make your mark in the glittering Hall of Fame!

Customer reviews


Classic Casual Gem

Baha | April 17, 2014 | See all Baha's reviews »

Bookworm Adventures is a refreshing mix of scrabble and RPG elements. You traverse side-scrolling levels fighting enemies one at a time spelling out words to deal heart damage. As you defeat enemies you earn exp which like an RPG allows you to level up and gain more hearts or stat bonuses. You're slowly introduced to items and special gear (of which you can only equip 3 at a time). It's rather amazing how applying simple RPG systems to a bookworm's tried and true game design elevates the overall package resulting in a more addictive and enjoyable game. Highly recommended.