Flip Words

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To beat this addictive puzzler, you'll need to exercise your mental muscles! Start with the first letter of a familiar phrase, then fill in the missing letters. Once you recognize the phrase, you can submit your guess - or better yet, try to reveal all the letters for an extra special bonus. Because you can download new phrases and create your own, you'll never run out of word-flipping fun!

View global high scores.New phrases always available.Create your own words and phrases.

Customer reviews


Casual Game for Anyone

bot2345 | June 17, 2013 | See all bot2345's reviews »

Strictly speaking this game is for a complete casual gamer who doesn't own a smartphone, or any other piece of technology, except a very low end pc from 5 years ago. The game consists of finding words sort of in a Wheel Of Fortune way, and it IS fun in the simplicity of it, but really easy to get bored of after a couple of hours altogether. I would recommend someone to buy an app on their phone instead of this, easily



apollo3d | May 25, 2011 | See all apollo3d's reviews »

The game basically consists of clicking on each letter adjacent to link them into words. Not the worst game I ever played, but the game is very essential (too much), in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay. Fun at the beginning, but soon we will leave the game for the bored.