Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics

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Jennifer Wolf leaves San Francisco to join her father on the archaeological dig he is leading in Mexico. When she arrives on site, she can't find any trace of him and all his belongings have been ransacked. Prior to his disappearance, he managed to hide a certain manuscript - a book, dating from the 16th century, telling of the last sacred Mayan calendar which had been broken up into five separate fragments and entrusted to selected guardians to ensure its protection. You play the role of Jennifer Wolf. It is now your mission to find your father and these precious Mayan relics. Explore historical locations and solve several mini-games.

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Customer reviews


A typical puzzle game

Shav | June 13, 2013 | See all Shav's reviews »

Jennifer Wolf and Mayan Relics is a typical puzzler. Think about it as another Puzzle Agent game, just with different artstyle and storyline. In this one we will also struggle to get past many different puzzles, that require logical thinking, good sight and a clear, relaxed mind. Personally I love games of that type - you don't have to worry that you can get killed if you aren't agile enough, you can just sit down, relax and train your brain cells to get everything right.

Storyline is interesting, the graphics are outdated, the puzzles are decent, so my overall score is 50/100. Not the best puzzler out there, but still good, if you finished all the other games.