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Inspired by real events,your journey begins in 1902 in New Orleans. Katie is sent undercover by the Bureau of Special Investigation in this unique city to resolve strange murders where only body parts. Solve the mystery that is creating a stir in Louisiana!

People speak about supernatural events and the city is on the verge. Time is running out for you since two more murders have occurred ! To resolve them, you will need to collect clues and listen to the various statements. Progress carefully, pay attention to every details around you and to any conversation. Influence character's emotions by your actions in the game so they are inclined to help you to catch the killer !

  • Fully detailed 3D graphic
  • Based on real events, the engaging storyline takes place in the captivating surroundings of the New Orleans of the early 20th century.
  • Logical puzzles and non-linear dialogue branching, including modern RPG-like text unlocking.
  • Profound game diversity, the game environment dynamically responds to player actions.
  • Detective points score system and multiple gameplay achievements and penalties.
  • Character emotions will change depending on your actions in the game world.
  • Game fully translated and voiced in English.

Customer reviews


Nice adventure with a good story

darkyhbk | July 11, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Louisiana is an entertaining 3rd person adventure game, which puts less emphasis on solving puzzles and more on dialogue and collecting clues.

The year is 1902, and Katie is sent to investigate a brutal series of murders occurring somewhere around New Orleans. When she gets there, she realises that the situation is worse than originally anticipated. People are very disturbed by the events; everybody's on the edge, frightened and suspicious. The story unfolds itself really well and the dialogues are very well written. The characters that Katie meets are believable enough, and almost all have something interesting to say, which adds more substance to the mysterious story.

The gameplay is well designed. You control Kate directly with your keyboard and mouse, and while this is not the classic direction of adventure games, fans should still like it, as it adds to the atmosphere. The environments are well designed, and even though animations are a bit stiff, it's visuals are still likable. The biggest problem, though, is the voice acting. It's clear that the actors were not professionals, and while some do try hard, they still sound unconvincing.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a mysterious story set in a rather unexploited time and location, this game is certainly for you !