Mah Jong Quest III

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Make life choices that escalate you through battles with dragons, unrequited love, a jilted career path, and much more. The Quest for Balance unfolds based on the decisions you make. When it's all over, you just may find inner peace and happiness in Mah Jong Quest 3.

  • Incredible Mah Jong sequel
  • Hundreds of Classic Layouts
  • More than 800 New Puzzles
  • Four Game Modes: Quest, Freeplay, Tournament, and Variations
  • 72 Challenging Levels in Quest Mode
  • Unlimited Pla

Customer reviews


Best Mah Jong game on PC

faraany3k | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Mah Jong Quest III is a huge improvement over its 2 prequels. The improvements are not only cosmetic but now there is immense amount of new content. where original game only had 80 puzzles, Mah Jong Quest III has increased the layouts to more then 500. There are also the addition of 4 new gameplay modes that all play dynamically different and adds a lot of replay value. There is even a quest mode which features detailed storyline. Music is also a highlight of the series and it is beautiful this time around aswell. Game UI is also clean and never hinders in the way of fun. An excellent title and a treat for all Mah Jong fans.


Suggestive and unlimited

apollo3d | May 27, 2011 | See all apollo3d's reviews »

are the two words that I associate to this beautiful game. Suggestive, thanks to the relaxing background music that will accompany us during the game. Unlimited, thanks to the many game modes and challenges. Take a look about the game modes. Kwazi’s Quest: The story is told through a beautiful comic and talks about Kwazi, a traveling man. After a not very clear beginning, from the age of 72 years, we are transformed by a hermit in a child. We need help Kwazi through each of his 72 years by helping him to choose wisely and keeping his life in balance. To do this, after every game of Mah Jong, we will have to answer a particular question. Freeplay: With over 600 classic style boards, Freeplay has something for everyone. We can choose from Classic Normal, Double or Triple sized puzzles or we can test our skills with the Triple or Quad match puzzles. Tournament: Classic style Mah Jong with a uniquely competitive edge. We can play online head to head and compare our skills with people from all over the world. Variations: Slight Mah Jong rule changes that you won’t find anywhere else. Some are impossible to explain, you definitly must try it. Mah Jong Quest III also helps the beginner, who doesn’t know absolutely how to play. Just press the "Rules" button and we will have a quick and simple explanation that will help us take the first steps. In addition to the rules of individual games, we will also find the rules of the various game modes. It is remarkable the amount of aids in each screen. We will know always what to do and we will never click the buttons randomly. On the contrary, options are the minimum: we can only adjust the volume of sound and music, and choose to play in a window or full screen. I absolutely recommend it to all.