Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All

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You play the role of Red Johnson, a private detective who knows how to make himself popular. When you solved your last case, you got the Mafia's attention and they put a contract out on you.

While you are trying to keep your head down in the role of Red, you learn that your brother has vanished when you receive a finger as proof that he is still alive. If you want to find your brother in one piece, you'll have to go looking for him and lead the investigation.

Solve various enigmas, interrogate the witnesses you meet and collect the clue that will help you advance the investigation.


  • Collect the clue
  • More varied and original enigmas
  • Tough characters in a dark world
  • Carefully constructed dialogues
  • A nice touch of twisted humour.

Customer reviews


Sum of all puzzles

mahon | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

It was my first contact with Red Johnson's adventures and judging by the information I read about it I expected it to be a kind of 'noir' story, filled with suspicious characters, sinister backstreets and other shady stuff. And although I didn't find all that much of it in this game, I was not disappointed, because the game turned out to be an interesting criminal story, or more accurately - a bunch of (more or less) connected stories and puzzles. While some might prefer some stronger connections between them, I didn't really care as long as the investigative element kept me busy and involved in the game. And I recommend this game to everybody who enjoyed investigations in Still Life or Sherlock Holmes games.