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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"It’s a gorgeous puzzle-platformer with mind-bending light manipulation mechanics involving alternate realities" - Rock Paper Shotgun

"Take a little bit of Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, add a pinch of Braid, mix the whole thing with a portion of Limbo - and you've got Schein" - 4Players

Schein is possibly the trickiest platformer you will play all year.

Rise to the challenge!

Schein is an award winning puzzle platformer that tells the story of a desperate man, who ventures forth into the mystical swamp in search of his missing son. As he gets lost in the darkness, a wisp appears that offers him help, guidance, and its magical power: A light that changes the world.

Rise to the challenge! Use this mighty power and your wits to unveil new dimensions, defeat deadly beasts, solve tricky puzzles and uncover hidden paths through the murky swamp.

Key Features:

  • Explore all layers of the real world: Use the magical light to reveal hidden dimensions

  • Master the power of light in tricky platforming action and challenging puzzles

  • Watch the story unfold in fully synchronized dialogs accentuated by leed:audio’s atmospheric soundtrack

Customer reviews


Challenging yet Immersive and captivating

akassassinn1 | Nov. 12, 2015 | See all akassassinn1's reviews »

Schein is a puzzle platforming adventure game which is very very challenging ,you play as a man holding a magical green lantern (and no he's not The Green Lantern) and he explores the foggy abouts of a huge swamp lettered with traps and monsters looking for his son who's lost ,with the help a wisp that gives you the lamp which grants you the power to alter the environments surrounding you. gameplay is very hard and you'll have to go through a lot of trial and error moments in which you want to pull out your hair , and gets harder and harder as you progress deeper in the swamp , you reveal hidden platforms by turning on the green light and you can jump on them and move forward , it requires a good reflex and a solid hand-eye coordination , you'll encounter boss fights that are a whole lot of fun but also very frustrating , puzzles are difficult too leaving you scratching your head for few minutes and just before you decide to give up you'll figure it out and go on playing. The art style is very unique and immersive , the swamp without your green light is creepy,foggy and dark , and with your light on it's gloomy and full of life like platforms , the soundtrack is very nice and and the man is voiced nicely as he narrates moments of his life with his son. in conclusion , it's a very difficult game but if you're a fan of platformers then it's very well worth a buy.