Sea Bounty

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Sea Bounty is a property acquisition game set during the Age of Sail. You take the role of a brave entrepreneur who casts off to bring glory and riches to his country. Along the way, you can challenge human and computer opponents to a game of commerce in which you build monopolies, upgrade your properties and charge exorbitant amounts of rent to any landlubber unlucky enough to land on your space. After rolling the dice and moving your token, you might land on Chance and strike it rich! Or your ship could be dashed against an island reef during a violent storm, necessitating repairs. Just pray you keep your crew happy or they might launch a mutiny! Avoiding jail and winning battles against rivals are additional priorities. Sea Bounty features quick and simple gameplay graced with beautiful visuals inspired by ancient cartography. So cast off today and begin your adventure!

Key Game Features

  • Online highscores
  • 4 new maps
  • Support for up to six human and computer players
  • Rich storyline set in the Golden Age of Sailing Ships
  • Beautiful hand-drawn and pre-rendered visuals

Customer reviews


Not so good

Harjyot | May 24, 2011 | See all Harjyot's reviews »

The game suffers from poor visual style and the game is repetitive and flawed by design. It is simply not a fun game, despite what you might be thinking before purchase. The game is quite long, but the issues and weaknesses really prevent this game from reaching its potential. A game of this nature would have succeeded with more polish and development time. Ultimately, I would not recommend Sea Bounty.