ATV Quad Kings

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Long Description: ATV Quad Kings immerses the player in the world of ATV motocross racing where aggressive driving and unparalleled skills both are needed to become the number one ATV cham¬pion. It’s dirty, fast and furious racing, so bring your helmet and don’t get left in the dust!

Travel across the globe from the USA all the way to Australia to complete in 18 high adrenaline races across 9 breathtaking locations. Perform daring tricks and catch big air to increase your skill and earn cash to race the biggest, baddest bike on the track.

Key features:

  • 36 championship races to compete in

  • 9 breathtaking venues from all over the world

  • 10 Quad bikes to choose from with different handling at¬tributes that accommodate many racing styles

  • 30 customizable vehicle skins to choose from

  • Create and maintain a unique profile that contains a Virtual garage. Earn money by completing races in arcade mode, or by picking up cash bonuses, and buying and customizing the machine of your dreams

Customer reviews


Pretty good game for low-end PC

CARLEST | June 12, 2014 | See all CARLEST's reviews »

I've played this game when I visited my friend and I have to say, that it's pretty well-done game. My friend has low-end PC and this game works on his PC on playable FPS, so I really recommend this game to people, who don't have really good PC. If you have good PC, you should probably skip this game. Game itself is ok and gives you playtime for quite a while.