Death Rally

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Death Rally is a top-down racing game with the objective to win races, gather more money, buy upgrades to your vehicle. And all this while wrecking your opponents, shooting your way through bystanders and keep the pedal to the metal!

Gun the engine and load your guns – the classic is back! Remedy’s very first game is now bigger, stronger and more vicious than ever. Make a run for the finish line with a trail of burnt rubber and spent brass behind you... along with the flaming wreckage of any fool dumb enough to get in your way.

This is not a Sunday drive. This is DEATH RALLY.

Key Features:

  • Massive single player career mode, unlock and upgrade cars, weapons and challenges

  • Enormous online multiplayer campaign ROAD WARS! Friends play, battle modifiers, unique paint jobs, and a whole lot more!

  • Awesome controls with 2 camera angle options

  • Featuring guest drivers – Duke Nukem, Barry Wheeler, John Gore!

Customer reviews


Kill Duke. With guns gas guzzling.

AkiMatti | April 15, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

The game knows its predecessor. I was waiting so much for this game when it was announced and oh the disappointment when I heard it was going to be only for tablets. But NOW IT IS ON PC, TOO! YES!

As fun as it ever was, you still have to race that. ONE. RACE.

Getting new cars and upgrading the one you have is intoxicating. Oh, and racing against Duke? It is as legendary as in the first one. You feel you have accomplished and mastered the game when you leave The King to eat your dust.

Hail to the New King, baby!


A great game that recalls better times!

kowen | July 16, 2013 | See all kowen's reviews »

Certainly, Death Rally fans will not be disappointed, (except for not being able to choose Duke Nukem character). For those unfamiliar with the series, this game is like "Micromachines", but more brutal. The good thing is that it has improved a lot over the old game, more weapons, more modes, but without losing the essence of the original 1996 game. The only downside is that everything is "upgrades", whereas in the original you could just buy things (cars, weapons, sabotage ...) while in this game you have to unlock achievements or improving absolutely everything (car, guns, objects ...), which turns the game into something repetitive ... but I like it anyway. Definitely a great remake (and multiplayer), I don't understand how he could have so little acceptance by the community. I love this game!


A dissapointment

Forceflow | June 6, 2013 | See all Forceflow's reviews »

Bought this game because I really liked Renegade Ops, but this is a bit of a different beast. I expected more from Remedy.

You're basicly racing around a circular track, and the one thing that immediately struck me was: these cars don't go very fast. You really don't have any sense of speed, even when using the nitro boost. Also, the default gun auto-fires, taking away the fun from combat from you. Combat mode also is just spinning around in circles trying to get a hit on your opponent, but not in a fun way.

In the graphics department, it's okay. Nothing too special there. The music was pretty good, uplifting rock, but got repeated waaay too often.

I'd recommmend you only buy this if it's at a bargain price. I bought it, played it for one hour, then removed it again. Just not having fun.


Racing with guns

megfosnot | June 4, 2013 | See all megfosnot's reviews »

Take a basic racing game and add guns.. does that make it better? Sometimes, but at other times it just feels like you are playing to earn upgrades, so that you get more cash for more upgrades - vicious cycle! The game looks great and runs great on most PCs (it's a nice re-make of a classic). Played from the same basic isometric camera angle, you can see lots of action while racing. This game is about racing the same tracks over and over to get upgrades - so if your looking for tons of varied tracks - look elsewhere.


Nice game

israel_hlc | March 1, 2013 | See all israel_hlc's reviews »

I gave this game a try when it was in a free weekend. I have to admit that it was harder to stop playing it than I expected.

The gameplay is very nice, with top-down view and the choice of winning races by speed, by blowing up your enemies or both of them. You earn money from the races and so you can buy new cars and upgrades for the cars you already own. As the races are short, you always feel like playing one more match, and so the game becomes very addictive.

The negative point is the multiplayer. The idea is great, where you could compete against other human players instead of the AI during the campaign. The problem is that the matchmaking is completely dull. During the free weekend (where supposedly there were more people playing) I could find an opponent in only a few times, but as the game kept trying to find more opponents to fill the race, the match delayed too much to begin and the opponents gave up on waiting. The game is worth a try. It’s a short game (I got it 99% complete with a few hours), but it is also a relatively cheap game, so in my opinion it is well priced.